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XP: cake recipe for dairy allergy

LO's 1st b-day is coming up and she's allergic to dairy. Most cake mixes contain dairy and I don't want to shell out the extra money for a cake mix from a health food store. (I like to try out recipes before I present them.). Most of the recipes that call for dairy I can use almond milk in place of ECM, however, I'm concerned about introducing nut on her first b-day and worst case scenario, she's allergic. Do you think I should be concerned or would cake and icing made with almond milk be okay? Does anone have a REALLY good white/yellow cake recipe that's dairy free/nut free?

Re: XP: cake recipe for dairy allergy

  • Look into sponge cakes.  They're made with eggs, flour, and sugar as the main ingredients - no milk or dairy.  That way you don't need to worry about messing around with ingredients in a recipe, or dealing with nut substitutes.
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  • You should check out this website:

    I am dairy/soy free right  now because DS has an intolerance and I am still BFing.  This site has tons of dessert recipes.  The only cake I have tried is her cookies and cream cupcakes and they were really good!  Oreos are vegan btw so they contain no dairy.  It surprisingly was not that hard to find a cake mix at a regular store that did not contain dairy.  I forget what brand I used, but it was a mainstream company. 
    In terms of milk substitutes there's always oat milk, I don't think that has nuts.  
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