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Hate sleeping alone

My fiancé works nights, since our baby left us I haven't had to go to bed alone because he was off from work and left early last night. Tonight he will be home early tomorrow morning... Around 3am. I don't know how I'm going to do this, Going to sleep alone :(

Re: Hate sleeping alone

  • ***SIGGY***

    My husband's stationed in a different state, so I had him for two weeks before he had to go back to work - then I was alone at night again. It was so hard. I got through it by watching lots of mindless TV and reading. I also slept with Devon's ashes and memorial box near me so I could look at his things and pictures if I wanted to.

    I like pp's suggestion to maybe sleep with something that reminds you of your sweet baby. I know not everyone resorts to this, but I also had Ambien from my doctor that I took on the nights I really couldn't sleep, and that helped. *hugs*


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  • I do have Domenik's urn and stuff from the hospital in my bedroom... I can just turn over and stare at it. But I think that doing that made me think about him more. I'm also a bit scared of the dark, but in the time me and my fiancé been together I've overcome the fear, but since Domenik's passing, the fear came back full force. I had to keep the TV on while I tried to sleep. And I go into REM sleep until my fiancé got home, then I was finally able to get some real rest. I'm not completely against ambien, but I prefer not to take it. My first few nights after Domenik's passing, I slept with Benadryl. But I did get a teddy from the hospital, maybe I'll try sleeping with that! Thanks ladies! I attached a photo of the memorial I made for Domenik... I'm very proud of it... And the painting I made myself with his daddy.
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  • The picture was take before I got his urn and placed it on the shelf.
  • Glad to hear that you made it through the night.  I find that I am scared at night too and don't want to be alone.  After I lost Hope I took NyquilZZZ for a while since it was supposed to be non-habit forming.


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