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FYI about the spammy posts

Hey guys

I edited the posts in question on our board.  I wasn't sure if this was the right move, because I was concerned that the poster might be a legit, grieving mom, but posting the same thing over and over looks like spam to me, especially since the poster had no other post history.  I also PM'd her letting her know that while she is welcome to share her story on our board, spamming and trying to scare people and sway their medical decisions is not cool, and I let her know we have a loss board.  This is one of the only times I've ever had to moderate our board, so hopefully it's not something we'll see much of in the future.

If this does happen again, feel free to PM me (which someone here did, so thank you) or flag the posts.

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Re: FYI about the spammy posts

  • I think you did the right thing. Spam is spam. If I XPed my successful VBAC story over and over, I would think you would do the same thing.
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  • I have to agree, you did the right thing... Her own initial post, I can see and it didn't bother me - to each their own and informing people of a risk (even with incorrect facts) they may not be aware of has a legitimate place even on a board that is meant to be a place of support. In my mind, it was the additional posts in reply to almost every other post after that that were problematic and distracting from the purpose of this board.
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  • You did the right thing.  If it is a true story, that is terrible and she certainly has a right to tell it.  But not take over every thread.  I hope she does respond to you and that she finds some support on the loss board too.
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  • Thanks so much for doing this! I don't want anyone to be afraid of VBAC b/c it can be such a positive experience.

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