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A phone call makes me smile!

I just got the call from my funeral home that I can go pick up Domenik tomorrow morning! I'm so excited to bring him home. I'm excited to place him in his custom made urn! And I'm excited to put him on his memorial in my bedroom! It will be such a comforting feeling to have him with me again. And I thought I was going to have to pick him up alone, and I was preparing for the tear fest the whole drive there and back home. But my fiancé said he will go with me even if he sleeps in the car, so I don't have to go alone! This news definitely has put a smile on my face for the day.

Re: A phone call makes me smile!

  • What wonderful news. I felt comforted when we brought our daughter home.
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    "Elsie Irene was born sleeping at 35w 6d on December 8, 2012. Mommy and Daddy miss you sweet girl."

  • Was it easier or harder for you when you finally brought your daughter home? Sitting here got me thinking... It may not be as easy as I want it to be.
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    That's definitely wonderful news. I remember getting the call that Devon was ready to be picked up...I was so overwhelmed, but I was also relieved I had him home. I finally felt like our family was complete when I got to bring his special box home and put it with his other things.


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  • I feel a sense of completion with him being home too. I also feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. Like I don't have anything else to take care of. He's home and at peace.
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