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Curious about vbac 3 years after emergency c

So, my ds was born 7 weeks early due to gestational hypertension and the belief he was iugr.  As I Found out later, the doctor said she should have monitored me further, gave me meds to keep my bp down and then induced me.  I was caused a lot of stress, aggravation and heartache for no reason.  My new ob said she was ok with a vbac but we need the surgical report.  My old ob, has refused to give me ANY of my medical records.  I was told this is illegal, but I am just in no mood to deal with this horrible group of doctors.  I know I am in better shape than I was for my son and I know when the baby goes through the birth canal it is better for everyone.  However, I also know the doctor's really made a mess of my c.  There was nothing showing on my ultra sound of my uterus prior to the pregnancy, but I am just curious of people's experience and what doctors have said.  My sister in law said her doctor talked her out of a vbac because it was too risky and she was giving birth 5 years later.  Any information or advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.   
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Re: Curious about vbac 3 years after emergency c

  • Did you try having the new doctor's office request the medical records?  What about getting the surgical report from the hospital itself, vs. the ob-gyn practice?

    If they are refusing to release your records they are in violation of federal law.  You are guaranteed the right to your own medical records under HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a federal law). You should report them.


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