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2ww question

I recently just got off the pill, does coming off the pill cause sore, bigger boobs?  I never had sore, swollen boobs on the Pill...

Re: 2ww question

  • Progesterone causes boobs to swell or be sore, and is higher post-ovulation, so that's normal and would likely not happen on the pill b/c the hormone fluctuations aren't the same.
  • Yes it can. Your body is trying to regulate hormones previously regulated with medication.
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  • Since coming off the pill last month, my body feels so out of wack.  I'm cranky at different times, emotional, sore bbs, crampy, and worst of all I have a horrible sweet tooth.  I never knew coming off the Pill could do all that:(
  • Just had my first full cycle off the pill and it was the first time since my m/c that I had sore boobs/nipples. So I feel that yes, it does. I had a bunch of 'pg symptoms' but I wasn't pg as we didn't do it at any point during my O time.

    Hope this helps!

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  • I had so many pregnancy-like symptoms after stopping BC. It was just crazy hormones, and wishful thinking! I noticed more pronounced PMS symptoms, including boob swelling and tenderness. Although that could have been from me poking and proding to test for tenderness...




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