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Well there you have it.

I tried just doing acupuncture and progesterone this cycle... our timing was spot on.  But nope, started spotting at 12dpo like a broken person.  Meeting with my RE on Oct 15th, not sure what to try this next cycle between now and the RE... seems like a lost cause.  I do have an Rx for Clomid I could try, but not sure if I should just wait for my RE appointment... 

(it might seem like I'm talking to myself lol but I'd love advice!)

(my ovaries release immature eggs, corpus luteum breaks down too early causing spotting and an inability to fertilize the egg)
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Re: Well there you have it.

  • I am relatively new to all this fertility stuff, and honestly have no idea what you are talking I just wanted to let you know I hope everything works out for you. Wish I could be more help, Sorry girl!  
  • How long have you been doing acupuncture? I don't think it's a one - month fix. I would give it 3-6 months if you indeed want to go that route.

    Disregard if you've been doing it a long time! :)

    I guess you could take the clomid while waiting for the RE. But, I think, ultimately the RE will help straighten you out.

    Unfortunately, I'm not well versed on your diagnosis so I'm probably not much help :( I'm sorry.

    I hope something gets it all straightened out!

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  • I'm sorry this cycle didn't work out for you but you really need to monitored on clomid so I would advise against that.

    I've never done acupuncture but from my understanding you don't get immediate results from it - it's something you have to keep doing. Hopefully the RE will have some answers for you.

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  • I am sorry it looks like this cycle isn't going to be it for you. I also have spotting starting around 12 dpo and hate that it takes away all hope early. How did you get your diagnosis? No one seems to concerned about the spotting but me!

    I would also advise waiting to see the RE before starting clomid. The wait is hard, but I think it is best to have gone through the testing and be monitored. I over responded this cycle and have had cysts so am glad I was being monitored. Anything you can do to make the next few weeks go faster if you decide to wait?

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  • @KC1212 I have been doing acupuncture for over 6 months :) I'm a regular lol.  

    I'll take everyone's advice and not do the Clomid without being monitored.  Since I DO ovulate, I just don't ovulate mature eggs, I am worried it'll overstim me too much.

    @AlmostWright the diagnosis came after I had CD3 and 7DPO bloodwork, which all came back great.  My prog was a little low, but nothing that would warrant excessive spotting like I've been having.  I went on prog and it didn't change the spotting at all, so it's not a prog issue... which means it's a corpus luteum problem and that's when they came at the immature egg conclusion.  I'm sure the RE will want to reconfirm all of that too.
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  • I'm sorry that this cycle is a bust. :(  Hopefully the next month flies by for you.  I don't have experience with Clomid (yet) but it looks like some of the other ladies had some good advice on that.
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