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4.5 yo and shyness

First, I was shy as a kid. I LOVED parties and people but I was very shy with strangers and new situations, so genetically, this is probably my fault. :) As a grown-up, I test as a high extrovert on Myers-Briggs--I love people and groups and activity but as a kid I had a hard time opening up, and I think my DD is the same way. I thought she'd grow out of this by now, but she is still very uncomfortable with new people and it comes across as being kind of strange! She's bright, sensitive, perceptive, imaginative, and very engaging once she is comfortable. But, when adults she doesn't know well ask her questions she won't look at them or answer unless prompted, and then it's a quiet, one-word type answer. She avoids eye contact with new people who are trying to talk to her. On her first day of school this year, for a second I thought she wasn't even going to look at me or smile for a picture. She also often will not answer a question even though she KNOWS the answer, and this could be an issue later with school if it doesn't wear off. Sometimes she acts up when in a unfamiliar situation. 

She started 4K last week. It's just 3 mornings/week, at the same school she went to last year, but with a new teacher and new room and ALL WEEK she was very quiet to the point where the teacher asked about it. Last year, she was totally great at school--VERY participatory, made friends, no issues after the initial shyness. I'm hoping it wears off quickly this year and that she will be back on track again this week. It's hard to watch as a parent because I know how charming she can be once she warms up. 

Do you think this is "normal" or is this like a social anxiety thing that I should discuss with her pedi?? Is there anything you think I could do to help? I remember how things felt for me, so I try to practice things in advance sometimes, keep everything low pressure, hold her hand/be with her for a bit while she adjusts...but I was hoping it would be getting better by now. 
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