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I'm wondering? :)

My period was due this past week but nothing came. I have the usual cramps in the pelvic area, waking up late in the night to eat when I'm hungry, constipation,major mood swings,food cravings,slightly enlarged nipples,been so tired most of the day,food aversions,bleeding gums,cramps in my legs and lots of discharge.I can tell you I am NOT one to take naps during the day. I have taken 3 pregnancy test so far and they all came out to be negative. My boyfriend and I have had sex but every time but when we did so there was no bleeding at all. Is the no bleeding at all a bad thing? I'm wondering if I'm pregnant and why the test are coming out negative and I haven't had my period still. The cramps do feel as if they are period cramps but every time I let it pass and go check myself there is no pre period discharge or blood. Your help would be appreciated.... :)

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