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TTC after the Pill

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I stopped taking Trinessa last month after being on it for about 1.5 years.  Has anyone ever gotten PG the cycle after stopping the Pill?  I'm a teacher so we're trying to time a summer baby:)

Re: TTC after the Pill

  • We did! Got pregnant on our first cycle, with TWINS!
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  • With DS I stopped the last weekend in Jan. ds was born mid November! I was trying for a Christmas baby and it happened a little faster than I thought it would. Best of luck.
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  • Yes, with DS.  I had been taking Yasmin for about 4 years, stopped, and that next month was staring at a positive HPT. 


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  • I have been off the pill and actively TTC for 2 years and have never been pregnant. Some women get pregnant right away some don't. It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive, so don't freak out if it doesn't happen the first few months like the previous posters.




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  • I had been on the pill a few years before we started ttc. I stopped taking them Dec. 2008 and got pregnant Feb. 2009.

    Honestly, everyone is so different. My advice is to go into ttc without any expectations. Otherwise, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.
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  • I stopped in July and got pg in August (during my 2nd cycle off). Its possible. Good luck!
  • This was our first month off the pill and I'm waiting to test.  I know that each month we have roughly a 20% chance of getting pregnant so odds are we probably won't be pregnant but I can wish.  My DH is also a teacher so we are trying to take his schedule into consideration as well.  Good luck!
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  • I was on the pill for 8 years and we got pg the first time after 4 mos, then miscarried. We got pg again June, 9 mos after initially going off the pill.
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  • I got pregnant while on the pill.  We're going to TTC#2 starting in January.  I'm currently on the mini pill and breastfeeding.  I'm fully prepared for a different experience this time.  I agree with all PP, there are no rules.  Everyone is different.
  • I went off the pill in June after being on it over 10 years. We waited until September to try. Got pregnant our first try but it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy at around 4-5wks. It's really an individual thing. I'd recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Track your BBT and cervical mucus. The biggest thing when coming off the pill I think is when you start ovulating again and how long your luteal phase is. Good luck!
  • Fx for a quick BFP!
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    Dec 6/13. Heard HB (122bpm) via Doppler at OB @ 11w3d

    Jan 9/14. Heard HB (124bpm) via Doppler at OB @ 16w3d irregular beat

    Jan 29/14. DH felt kicks for first time @ 19w3d

    Feb 2/14. Saw baby via ultrasound (quick scan in ER) @ 19w6d

    Feb 6/14. Heard HB (126-134bpm) via Doppler @ 20w3d normal beat

    Feb 15/14. AS - baby looked great (measured 1w small) and would NOT let us see sex! @ 21w5d 

    Feb 20/14  3D US - its a GIRL!!!!! @ 22w3d

    Feb 27/14. Repeat AS for more pics, HB 124bpm  @ 23w3d

    Mar 6/14. Heard HB (130bpm) via Doppler @ 24w3d


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