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Is he weaning?

I pumped yesterday for the first time in 2 months and I'm making 2 oz less than I was then. DS is also only wanting the boob 3 times a day instead of 4. Is this typical of a 10 month old? He gets two meals and 2 snacks a day on top of the milk but he's slowing wanting and I'm making less. Is this him self weaning slowly? I do plan on weaning at a year but he's not even quite 10 yet.

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Re: Is he weaning?

  • Just because you're pumping less doesn't necessarily mean you're making less... If you haven't pumped in awhile, your body may just be less responsive to it. He may be slowly weaning, but from what I've read, those last few sessions may be the hardest to get rid of when you actually want to stop BFing. You said you want to wean at a year... He may still have all 3 sessions at that time. Some LOs eat more than that at this age, but if you don't have any health concerns as far as wet diapers, weight gain, development, etc... I think just follow his lead!
  • I've read that babies don't self-wean until way past 1 year. My son sometimes wants to eat less when he's not feeling well (eg when tooth coming). Maybe it is just a phase and he'll want to nurse more in a few days' time.
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  • He may be weaning but keep continuing with breastfeeding him as it good for baby to build strong immune system.
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