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Is there an FAQ? Intro/Questions RE: Dairy Allergy

Hey guys.  I'm lurking on here just trying to learn some stuff about all this b/c it looks like my DS is allergic to dairy.  Is there an FAQ post someone could point me to?  I don't know a lot of the lingo and not sure what the difference is between allergy vs. intolerance vs. sensitivity.... etc.

I nurse and I can eat dairy with no issues.  However, when I tried giving him cheese at 8 months he threw up and broke out in hives.  He also got hives around his mouth when he ate Gerber Lil Crunchies veggie dip flavor (there's sour cream in it.)  He seems to tolerate baked goods with milk just fine, but occasionally he will get a little broken out around his mouth with those.  I also gave him just a bite of my pasta with alfredo sauce recently to see if he would react... I thought he might not since the sauce was cooked.  He did brake out, but didn't throw up, and he got a really runny nose and his eyes seemed to itch.  (And I felt terrible b/c I knew he might react...  But how am I supposed to know what will bother him w/o testing it out?)  He's never had any diarrhea or mucus/blood in the stool, though.  Does this sound like an allergy, or is this intolerance or sensitivity, or something else?  Does it seem like he'll probably grow out of this sooner rather than later since dairy I eat doesn't bother him, and he can do baked goods?

I mentioned this to their doc at their 9 month appointment, and he said we'd talk more about it their 1 year and that he would do some research before then.  I love their doc but he is a family doctor, not specifically a pedi, so I don't know how much insight he can offer as far as what I should offer instead of WCM or what the process is for testing to see if he's growing out of it.  Should I ask to get him tested at an allergist?  What is that process like?

Oh, and also, do you need a prescription for baby Benadryl?  I sent DH to the store back when DS had the first reaction and apparently the pharmacist said they don't make Benadryl for babies anymore... you can't even get it in liquid form.  This doesn't seem to jibe with what I'm hearing on here, though, so I'm a bit confused.

It also sucks b/c DD is totally fine with dairy and I'd really like to give her WCM since she's so little and definitely could use the fat, but they steal each other's sippys and I wouldn't want to risk DS drinking hers and getting sick.  (They are 11.5-month-old twins, btw, for mobile.)

Sorry this post was a bit rambly.  Thanks in advance for any insight you guys have.


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