Babies on the Brain


1. I am a little jealous of H.  I have been applying for FT jobs for over a month. Not one phone call or email. H has been offered 4 jobs in the same time frame.  H is sitting on the couch and got a text asking for his resume they have a job for him if he wants it. 

2. We had Spotify going in the background this morning.  Katty Perry "Roar" came on. I was singing at the top of my lungs and the TV turned itself up. H said the TV was trying to drown the dying cat sound. He's got the jokes. He better be glad he sent me a text message.

3. s/o text messages. Occasionally he waits until I am a sleep or before I get up to send me text message to have to read in the mornings. This mornings said "I love you beautiful."


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