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T-Rex Arms

I am going to need longer arms to go with my growing bump.  I had a difficult time washing the dishes after breakfast this morning.  I felt like a T-Rex. 
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Re: T-Rex Arms

  • I feel the same, I have to lift my bump above the work surface when I'm doing the dishes. My little step gives me backache.
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  • We called my mom T-Rex after her double mastectomy years back because she was not allowed to lift her arms from her sides... We deal with humor in my family! 


  • Omg I'm silently giggling in bed trying to not wake my husband up. Best thing I've seen all day!!!
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    Love the TRex memes!

    Eta: whoops just tried to share a dinopic of my own but it didn't work. Mobile bumping fail.
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  • I can identify with poor old T-Rex when I look at my ever growing toenails. They seem very far away from up here. Bizarre acrobatics are needed for clipping. I haven't even been able to see my lady bits in over 2 months. Out of sight,out of mind! Poor DH lol.

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    (Always in our hearts baby Erwan 22/03/11. 22w + 5d)

  • lrachelle80,
    I loved your memes i was laughing so hard that my husband came to check on me !!! Lol!!!
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