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I feel like a nut

I have been lurking for a while but mostly on the TTC board, I've migrated over here because I feel like it's more fitting to my issue. 

We have been BD'ing for about six months but not been tracking, just leisurely. This month I used an OPK for the first time, and got positive results at CD 9 and 10. 

Because I was able to get those results, and because we had sex, I am now having crazy phantom symptoms and I know for the most part that it's likely all in my head. ITS SO HARD! I just want to feel normal again, or actually be pregnant, LOL! 

Does anyone else have phantom symptoms? What are yours? How long do they last? Does it ever stop? 

This is a hard gig. LOL

Re: I feel like a nut

  • I love that response, I much prefer sex, but I LOVE fucking with a purpose, hahaha. I just didn't know whether to be PC or normal! Thank you for breaking the ice =)

  • Totally normal. TTC makes you hyper aware of your body and all the things it's doing. The more you FWP, the more you will wonder "what if". Try to distract yourself with learning a new hobby or skill.
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  • I feel like everyone is having babies around me, and that may be intensifying what I am feeling as far as phantom symptoms. It's mostly an achy lower abdomen and when I bump a boob it is sore. At the same time, I've done a ton of reading and 5dpo seems very early to me, as far as noticing anything goes. I've mostly chalked it up to being in my head, but my fingers are crossed for a sticky bean (I ate a ton of pineapple this week, hoping it would help LMAO)
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