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Picky Eater - any advice appreciated

DD has been a picky eater since her toddler days...and it's rubbed off on DS.  I've tried so many things.  I've been consistent with giving them what we eat and if they don't eat, then they don't eat.  I always include a couple of items on their plate that I'm pretty sure they will eat...cheese, fruit.  But sometimes they don't even eat that.  I know that dinner time is when they eat the least, but it's beyond dinner time also.  I just feel like there is a limited amount of items that they will eat (yogurt, toast, PB & J, grilled cheese, chicken bites, cheese, some fruits).  I can't get them to eat a green thing at all.  I don't put any pressure because I don't want it to backfire, so I stay calm about it all.  But DH and I feel so limited.  We just don't know what to do.  They seem to eat a ton of stuff at school.  Neither of them have weight issues.  But at what point do they start to open up and eat more things?  I mean...they refuse basic kid favs like mac & cheese, speghetti, pizza, etc.  What gives?  I'm at a loss.
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Re: Picky Eater - any advice appreciated

  • I think you're doing all the right things.  In the past 6 months, DD1 has started trying things that I never thought she would try.  She's always been super-picky, but she's tried shrimp, arugula, tomatoes, and lots of fruits that she refused to try in the past.  We do what you do--we don't pressure her.  I think you just have to be patient.
  • ODS used to be very picky with his food. He grew out of it pretty soon. I agree with PPs, just stick with what you're doing. 
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  • Sometimes it's just finding what works... I encourage the kids to take at least one "no thank you bite," but that doesn't always fly.

    My son is super picky, but will eat most things if it's served in rice. I serve rice A LOT, because he will eat it with shredded chicken or beef and veggies. As he got older, I have made the pieces in the rice bigger. Now he is about 50/50 for eating things on their own.

  • My son is the same way! Lately he's been doing a little better though. His brother loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and I always sing the song Try it, you'll like it (lol) and just remind him that he use to eat it all the time and how good it is and he will give in and either like it or not. I don't really pressure him but I don't make separate meals, I give him what we eat and if he tries it and really does not like it then I will get him something else but so far he ends up liking it. Before school started I could probably count all the foods he liked on one or maybe both hands but he's gotten so much better since school. I also use the, "this will make you big and strong like daddy" line. 
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  • I don't know, it's hard. The only very random things that have worked for us are reading Green Eggs and Ham, with the message that you can't decide about something before you've even tried it, and pretending DS is a little animal. He loves animals, and sometimes he won't eat until I say, "Oh, look at the little elephant (or whatever)! He's going to eat his elephant hay (i.e. green beans) with his trunk. Ooh, look at him eat that hay!" It sounds ridiculous but it works for me. Also dips/sprinkling parmesan cheese on stuff. Good luck.
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