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NBR Career Dilema

Alrighty so a job for a full-time permanent Educational Assistant recently got posted in my area. The pros: its 2-4 times what I'm currently making waitressing, it will help us save up/get approved for a house faster (we need to buy by June 2015 in order for the military to pay realtor/lawyers fees etc.), which would allow us to TTC sooner and I currently can't start substitute teaching until January.

The cons: If I get the job I won't be able to substitute teach, and in this area you need to sub for a year before you can earn contract jobs, before you can teach full time permanent. aka if I take the EA job, I won't get a job as a teacher where I'd be making double of what I make as a EA. But it will be min at least 2 years before I get a full time permanent teaching job. Ack.

So I dunno what to do. Take the job, save up now, and then (maybe??) regret it after we have kids and I'm stuck as an EA or substitute teaching if I decide to later try and get a job as a teacher. OR stick it out with subbing and waitressing, wait ANOTHER couple years to have kids, but have a better paying job in the end.

Sorry, I know, <rambles over> lol


Also, NO disrespect meant to educational assistants, you guys have really tough jobs - just seems a shame to "waste" all the money on teachers college if I'm not going to work as a teacher.

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Re: NBR Career Dilema

  • I always choose the long run choice. Is an EA something you would be happy choosing 10 years from now?

    Patience seems to really be a virtue from what you have said.
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  • Stick with subbing and making connections as a teacher. It is the better option long term.
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