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Fraternal twins who look identical

My OB told me that our twins were most likely fraternal but had a small chance of being identical.   Well, they were born 7-29-13 and we finally have both of them home as of yesterday (yay!) and holy cow they look identical.  So much so that I haven't taken the hospital bracelet off of one in fear that I won't be able to tell them apart.  For those of you who have same gender fraternal twins- did they look so much alike that you thought they might be identical? 

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Re: Fraternal twins who look identical

  • Ha, not at all but I am sure others have. Do you know if they have the same blood type? Di/di twins are identical something like 10% of the time or so. Just depends on when the egg splits! Congratulations either way!
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  • Not ours. Different everything. Blood types, sizes, eye colours, hair texture, face shapes, chin dimples, shoe sizes... now that they're doing a little self-feeding and picking up toys, we have even had the time to see completely opposite hand dominance. 

    I'd give it at least a couple of months before you shell out money for a test, but di/di identicals aren't extremely rare - just less common. 
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    (we have a good handful of MoMs on the board with di/di/IDs)

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  • My boys are obviously fraternal, different hair color, different teething rates, etc. But in the beginning they looked identical, we left their bracelets on for a week then marked one of them with a sharpie dot on their heel. It took about six weeks for their individual features to really show.
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  • You could very well have di/di identicals! I had the exact same experience as you. We assumed they were fraternals who looked similar, but we had them tested and sure enough, they're ID. If you know they have different blood types, then they are frats, but if they have the same blood type, you might have IDs. You might wait a few months to see if they start to look different before you test.


  • No, mine really never looked alike. 1/3 of identical twins are di/di, so it's really not rare at all. Like others said I would wait a few months and if they still look identical, I'd spring for DNA testing.
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    my di/di girls looked very similar at birth (I blame it on my pain pills from the c/s, lol) and we kept their different-colored knitted caps on them the first few days when we got home.

    They still favor a lot as sisters, but clearly not identical- Very different noses, and one has stick-straight hair and the other has wavy hair.  Like Rynleigh, one is a righty and the other is a lefty, and very opposite personalities. They do have the same blood type (O neg) but DH and I do, as well as my DD1.   Also, other than the few random oddball know-it-alls in the grocery store, most strangers can tell them apart.

    ETA: and CONGRATS on coming home!! YAY!!

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  • Mine were di/di but look super similar. Same feet, eyes, noses, ears, hair cowlick, etc. I told my dh we had to wait at least till 3 mos for testing. Now, we're at 3 mos and nothing's changed. But I can totally tell them apart- one has always been a whole pound larger and different head shape. So, I just don't know.
    If you can't tell them apart at all- test them. That sounds like id to me.
  • If you're curious, do the test! I was in serious denial. I could see OBVIOUS differences in my di/di girls. Though everybody else in my family told me I was nuts..."they're so identical". My husband even said I was stupid to spend $100 when it's obvious that they're fraternal.

    Much to our surprise, they were identical.
    Proactive Genetics was a wonderful, fast and easy company to do the test through and I'd highly recommend them!
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  • Not all di/di twins are fraternal.  We had di/di twin girls in May.  Our OB and others said there was only a 15% chance that the would be identical.  We decided to have them tested,  although we thought they looked different.  We got the results and it turns out they are ID! As they are getting older, they are definitely starting to look more alike!!
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