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Time outs?

Has anyone tried Time Out and it work? I tried around 16 months but DS didn't get it at all and happily sat in time out. I've tried to introduce them again and he definitely gets frustrated and sometimes cries. I just don't know how much he can understand that Time Out is a consequence of his action.

Also if anyone has a suggestion as to what works for them it would be greatly appreciated. These terrible two's are killing me! He is so defiant and loves to push to see what he can get away with. I'm approaching my third trimester and it's getting painful to keep lifting him off furniture and getting up every two minutes when he's touching/doing something he's not supposed to.
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Re: Time outs?

  • Brooke and Ellie get it. Who knows how they got it down but when they know they have done something wrong the go set the 2 minute timer and sit in the chair. But if they don't realize it we do send them to the timeout chair and they sit for 2 minutes. After we talk about what they did wrong and what would be a better idea. The timer counts down so it is a good visual so they know how much longer they have.
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  • I think the important thing is that they are away from whatever they were doing and that is their "time out" (like playing with something, or being with you) more so than literally sitting in a special spot. We have recently started using the Magic 1-2-3 discipline system and its going really well. Even though my daughter is not quite two, she picks up on things really quickly and is VERY hard headed at times! Good luck!!
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