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I need a doctor in cypress!!!

Hello all,
So I got the shock of a life time today. We've been trying for well over a year to have a baby and I have been getting rather disheartened in the last few months about our chances. Well, I was supposed to start today and on a whim (I wasn't very hopeful about it) took a test... I got a very faint positive line!!!!! I took another one just to be sure and I got another very, very faint line!!!!  I know I should probably wait a few days and test again and see if the line gets any darker before I go to a doctor, but I am a little stressed that if I am pregnant I need to see a doctor I have NO idea where to start even looking or what I need to be looking for. My prior doctor who I have gone to since I start getting my period moved to a different state last month! Any advice on good doctors in the Cypress area that are very nice and understanding for someone who doesn't have a clue about anything doctor related when it comes to pregnancy??

Re: I need a doctor in cypress!!!

  • I go to Dr. Joe Montgomery in North Cypress Medical Center- Huffmeister and 290.  He's great and so is his staff.  I'm only 10 weeks along with my first, and he helped me understand a lot lol.  Good luck!
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