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What to ask at open house

Hi! I'm a lurker on here but in the next few months my husband and I have to start getting on preschool waiting lists. DS is only 3.5 months old and is with my mom during part of the day (I WFH). I'm not opposed to preschool/daycare at all but since my elementary school teacher mother is free I'm using her until its time for DS to go for socialization and learning.

What age do you think is best to start maybe going part time? I hear everything from 9 months to 2 years to start. To address separation anxiety and to start socializing with other kids?

When looking at a day care/preschool what should I be on the lookout for and what questions should I ask? Currently we are looking at 6 different schools in our area. Several traditional ones, a Montessori, a Catholic school and (personal fav) a Green school.


Re: What to ask at open house

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    We did two years of preschool, at 3.5 and 4.5.

    Pretty much any questions I had were answered when I toured.

  • It's a school that was built and uses environmentally friendly materials, they try to use local and organic produce plus the kids help start gardens. They follow the same curriculum as any other preschool but a lot is done outside. Like when learning colors they go around and find green leaves, an orange flower, etc. I know it sounds super hippie and we're not like that but for all these very expensive "prep" schools this was the first school that said anything about playing outside. It just sounded like a fun place for a little boy.
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