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NT scan-Everett

Has anyone done an NT scan at providence Everett? Is the blood test one that tells gender or just the normal nt blood test? And did ur ultrasound tech guess the gender?

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  • I am pretty sure that the NT scan is done the same at every dr's office.  The NT scan is done in two parts, the blood test and the ultrasound (to measure the baby).  The blood test does not test for gender (the blood test takes about 7-10 days to get back), it is looking to see if your baby has down syndrome.  Sometimes during the ultrasound/scan they are able to see what the gender is (as long as your baby is in the right spot).  Because the test is done when you are 12-13 weeks it is unusual to be able to know this early.  
    Hope that helps!
  • I HATED providence!! Very unorganized and I was 25 mins early to my appt. And they called me back an hour later. Waiting for an U/S on a full bladder and have to wait wasnt fun. They didn't give me pictures either! :( I just switched to Swedish.
  • Providence is the only hospital with a nicu just incase dd has some issues within 30 miles of me and it's across the street from my work :/
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