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WWYD - Crying every day

DS started going to preschool when he was 2. He went to the same school for two summers and two school years. He had a rough day here or there but no big deal. This year he started at what will be his school for Pre-K until 8th grade. So far he is miserable. He's been crying every day at school and he's starting to cry in the morning before school. When we ask him why he doesn't like school he says it's because he doesn't like nap time. They have a mandatory 1 hour "quiet time." DS is very energetic and stopped napping when he was 2. So far there doesn't seem to be an alternative to laying down and being quiet.
I sent a note to his teacher this morning asking her opinion on the situation.
If this was your child, how long would you wait for him to try and adjust? Would you meet with the school for other options? Should we be worried that he's having so much trouble?

Re: WWYD - Crying every day

  • Though I don't know your child, I'm kind of surprised the structure of Pre-K isn't wearing him out. DS is also very energetic, quit napping 2 years ago and has been going to daycare only very PT until he started school last week. Three hours of Pre-K a day are wiping him out.

    I would wait for his teacher's response. Hopefully, they'll be able to come up with an alternative that won't rock the boat.

    In the meantime, I'd talk to him about the importance of quiet time. If you can't convince him he needs it for himself, have him think of his classmates and and how his being quiet helps them rest.

  • If they really don't have another option, I would pull him. It shows they are not responsive to individual needs and your child may honestly develop a lifelong hatred of school.
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  • Well the teacher was very positive and gave DS the option of sitting up and quietly playing with his teddy bear. That seemed to help for a day then DS began crying and blaming it that "Charlie hits me every day." The teacher did admit that Charlie has trouble keeping his hands to himself but it sounds like they've been addressing it. DS is still saying he doesn't want to go to school and many days starts crying during breakfast and doesn't fully calm down until after rest time - about 5-6 hours later.
    We're struggling to figure out if DS is just having trouble adjusting to the new school/teachers/routine or if there is a legitimate issue in the classroom and he just doesn't know how to express it to us.
    We hate sending him to school this upset on the chance that there really is a problem but we don't want him to learn that if he cries enough he'll get out of things.
    I think we've decided to give it another week or two and see if things calm down.
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