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Need some advice...Trouble TTC

So I missed my period in July ended up calling the doctor because I kept getting negative home pregnancy test. They make we wait till day 30 take a hpt that morning and call if negative. I go in for blood work next day showing that I'm not pregnant and that my thyroid and levels look good. I go to my yearly appt we talk about how it's been January since I stopped taking Birth Control and we started trying to get pregnant in April. She puts me on provera for 10 days to start a period and then to use clomid. After 10 days I call the doctor they tell me to wait 2 weeks until after the last pill....of course that day comes and I call the doctor. They are sending me to a fertility specialist. I guess more than anything I'm scared. I'm so worried that something is so wrong with me and a little angry that this is even happening. I finally wait until i'm married have a great job "ready" well the most ready you can be for a baby and it's not as easy as I had a planned. Everyone around me hasn't have any of these issues and I feel so alone. Any advice or encouraging words are welcome. Sorry I don't know all the right terminology that's why I went with the newbie group. Thanks.
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Re: Need some advice...Trouble TTC

  • Maybe I am alone in this....=(
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  • So it's normal for me to not have a period since June and not be pregnant?
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  • Thanks. The provera didn't work to jump start a period so I couldn't use the clomid anyway. I will start charting for sure! You just made me feel so much better.
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  • I agree with everything wickedsugar said. GL
  • Another thing to add: you should be having testing done before you go any further, and especially before Clomid. Bloodwork on Day 3 of your cycle to look at certain hormone levels, bloodwork on Day 21 (ish) of your cycle to see if you've ovulated and how your progesterone numbers look, other hormone levels that may impact your cycle (like thyroid), as well as more invasive testing. If your dr went straight from no period to Clomid, you definitely need to see someone else and take the appropriate steps. After you've tried a year. If this is the only time you've skipped a period, as the pp noted, this isn't the end of the world.


  • She gave me the provera to start a period. She wanted me to start the clomid on day3 of my cycle and blood work day21. Problem is I didn't have a cycle so i can't take the clomid anyways. I haven't had a period since June and before that I have been regular every month before that.
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  • Yes, I understand that. My point was that I'm agreeing with the other poster that your dr is whack and you need to either find another one, wait and do the charting, etc once your cycles start up again, or see the RE and get the proper testing done.

    Since you've been so regular, I'm guessing you had a random anovulatory cycle, and things will kick off again once your provera works.


  • After seeing the fertility specialist. I found out yesterday that I'm 9 week pregnant. Thank you for all your advice.
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  • Congrats! H&H 9 months to you!
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