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Geez, rude mommas on here!


Re: Geez, rude mommas on here!

  • Ahh. I get it. Newbies have a rule book they need to follow in order to get along with the long time established clique here. One by one the old folks are going to leave but not as fast as newbs. Who created this site? I wonder if they love the hostile avenue it has taken. I was just told by my bf to stay off this site unless I want to lurk my whole pregnancy before responding to a post because this site is shit. It's unfortunate for those coming here that can contribute great information or get great information. It's really too bad that this place is not a place of sanctuary for pregnant women where opinions aren't chastised and ganged up on. If you are new, run for the hills. Look at the way the women have already started in on this newb; it doesn't get better unless you agree with every thing they say, love gif's, tacos and sloths. It's pretty redic. Go to I-am-pregnant if you want support. The admin is gone but the women who are supportive through your pregnancy are there, not here.
    Tacos and sloths are S14 specific.  You wouldn't understand because you come to S14 when you are an A14 just to say hurtful things to our own. 

    Why don't you take your own advice and go to i-am-pregnant rather than trying to go from board to board stirring up drama and recruiting people for your bump hating army.
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