Secondary IF


Please give a brief history and an update on where you are at now.

Me: DS was conceived after 4 years of MFI

Currently ovulating. It's the 4th cycle TTC # 2. It's the first cycle with acupuncture and herbs.


1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Anything except sad country. Although I do like southern rock and "crossover" bands that could go either way.

2.) Favorite pms food?

Chips and salsa :) or salt and vinegar chips

Me: 27 DH: 33
Married 6 years
Conceived DS after 4 years of MFI

TTC # 2 (not trying,not preventing ever)
May 2013 - August 2013 Timed Intercourse = BFN
September 2013 Timed Intercourse, Weekly Acupuncture, Herbs=BFN
October 2013 Timed Intercourse, Weekly Acupuncture, Herbs, and "warming foods" = BFP
Beta #1 19, Beta #2 18 Progesterone 4.6 Miscarried 11/9/13
November 2013 - Benched, waiting for first post-loss AF.
No longer benched per New RE/OB!
Jan. 15 2014 - BFP. HCG 3900 - Ectopic :( 
Jan. 16 2014 Left tube removed and D&C
March 2, 2014 First AF


  • Gator_Bride07Gator_Bride07 member
    edited September 2013
    CD 4, cycle #10 of TTC#2. Short LP. Currently on 100mg of Clomid (3rd month on it).
    1. Anything and everything with a good hook. My favorites are Britney and Kenny Chesney.
    2. I was just on a salt & vinegar kick last week! (PMS week) It varies though, the previous month it was dark chocolate bars with almonds.
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  • DS conceived after 2 months. TTC # 2 over 3 years now. CD 20, haven't temped in a few days because I have some nasty gastro-intestinal issues which have landed me in the ER twice. I have a nice little cyst on my right ovary, according to CT scan. I had 2 on my right in April during my lap. Since both procedures happened around O time I'm going to go ahead and assume they were functional cysts.

    Anyway, being sick around O time means we are out this month. Oh, well. I'm on a bunch of meds for the next week anyway.


    1) anything, really, but I gravitate toward alternative and sometimes folk rock or blues.

    2) depends on the month. Either salty or chocolate. I'd say volume is more the issue than flavor. I always get super hungry and can't stop eating.
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  • CD22; though I've been cycling on a more regular timeline the last 2months, I don't believe I am actually ovulating. DD conceived after 8 months of trying the first go around. Planning to start on Femara after I get AF again. Eager to really get started and be monitored! 1. Favorite music- Karma collection! 2. Favorite pms food? I can't say I notice any particular cravings. I always turn to potato chips and peanut m&ms as my guilty pleasures!


  • Jen071407Jen071407 member
    edited September 2013
    DDs each conceived 2nd month of trying. Oh to be ignorant about ttc again! Currently 4 weeks post D&E and waiting on af. Finally starting to feel stronger emotionally, which I am incredibly thankful for! I'm also uncharacteristically optimistic that we will be successful and pregnant again in no time. No idea why, but I'm just going to go with it! 
    1. Pretty much anything but rap. I love Taylor Swift and am having fun getting my girls to learn her songs in the car :)
    2. Ice cream. And chips. And chocolate. Do we have to pick just one?

    Two DDs 10/08 and 08/10, no primary IF
    TTC #3 since 10/2011 - dx unexplained/weak ovulation
     3 BFN clomid + TI cycles, 5 BFN clomid/gonal f IUIs, 1 mmc IUI
    2/19/2014 IVF #1 Unexpected low E2 (oversuppressed) -> increased to max doses = 3 or 4 follicles, converting to IUI
    BFFP Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc. Eff this.
    NTNP 5/2014-9/2014, OPKs and TI 10/2014 - 1/2015. 
    RPL testing all normal, AFC, AMH, and FSH all normal. 
    IVF 1.2 1/22/2014 natural cycle start, AFC 28, 300 gonal f/150menopur. 
    ER 2/3/15 14R 8M 3F w/ICSI Day 5 transfer on 2/8/15 of one "Grade A+" blast and have TWO frosties! 


  • DD - was a surprise.

    CD 30, no ovulation this month, Not TTC again until we get results back from the SIS and blood work. My cycles have been crazy anyway since the D&C.

    Favorite music- lol, Im from the south, everything is country :)

    Favorite PMS food- I don't really have one, Pretty much if I walk by the kitchen im bound to leave with something. lol


  • First BFP while NTNP and ended in 1st tri loss.  DS conceived on second cycle trying.  Currently on CD 4 on post-partum cycle #13, most of which were spent monitoring cycles and TTA.  Suffering with short LP that was largely unresponsive to progesterone.  Meeting with OB mid-month to discuss next steps.


    1) I'm pretty open to all types but steer clear of anything to heavy or angry.  Recently I find myself listening to a whole lot of Elmo. :)

    2) I don't know that I have a standard but I'll say ice cream. I also start craving coffee binges as I start trying to look for positives of not being pregnant.

    November 2010 - 10.5 week loss  o:) 
    October 2011 - DS (7)  <3 
    July 2014 - Stillborn DD (24 weeks)  o:) 
    August 2015 - DD (3)  <3 
    April 2018 - 5 week loss o:) 

  • Ovaries release immature eggs, corpus luteum breaks down too early and low progesterone.

    9DPO with no spotting so far (praying every second I don't spot!!!) opted to pass on Clomid this cycle and just do progesterone. I chart and go to acupuncture.


    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to? ANYTHING.  I love a good 90s boy band song, country, current hip hop, 80s hair bands... you name it.

    2.) Favorite pms food? You'll find me with Cool Ranch Doritos AND Oreos in my lap because damnit I shouldn't have to choose!! (I got salt/sweet/salt/sweet repeatedly during PMS)
    <3 Baby #1 BFP 6/10/2011-EDD 2/19/2012-DS Born 2/10/2012!
    :'(  CP BFP 1/6/2013-EDD 9/19/2013-CP 1/9/2013
    <3 Baby #2 BFP 1/3/2014-EDD 9/12/2014 -DD Born 9/10/2014!
    <3 Baby #3 BFP 7/8/2018-EDD 3/17/2019-Team Green!

  • @annibes, I hope you're feeling better!  What a month!
    November 2010 - 10.5 week loss  o:) 
    October 2011 - DS (7)  <3 
    July 2014 - Stillborn DD (24 weeks)  o:) 
    August 2015 - DD (3)  <3 
    April 2018 - 5 week loss o:) 

  • Hi Everyone! I am on CD15 of the last cycle before IVF cycle.  I am due for a blood draw on Saturday for them to check my progesterone levels, and if it is over 5 then I start the meds for IVF on Sunday. I am very much getting nervous.  Hopefully we won't be a flood zone on Saturday! I am home now, because our basement started flooding into my son's room.  I have a DS from a looong ago previous relationship.



    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?  I am a rocker chick!! I am also a serious concert goer.  Currently counting down the day to the Korn and Nine Inch Nails concert.  I do happen to like lots of different music, except country.  Can't stand it.

    2.) Favorite pms food? Salty food, usually French Fries, but quite honestly I could always go for some French fries, they are definitely my kryptonite.  I do crave chocolate cake for a short window time frame during pms.


  • DD was conceived on first Clomid + IUI cycle. I have hypothyroidism, high prolactin and a short LP. After 3 failed IUI's including a m/c, we are onto our first IVF cycle. I started Lupron injections on Friday and have to say I'm surprised at how easy it has been. My supression check is on Monday and then I will start Follistim. ER estimated for 9/30 and hopefully ET 5 days later.


    1. For music I tend to like 90's, pop, some country....think Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Kenny.

    2. I'm a chocoholic to begin with, and it only gets worse during PMS. And there's only a few days of the month that I even think about salty foods, and I bet you can guess which days those are!


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    After 3 failed Clomid+TI cycles, DD was conceived with IUI#1

    TTC #2

    Clomid 50 mg + IUI#1  = BFP, m/c and D&C at 7w1d

    Clomid 50mg + IUI#2 = BFN

    Clomid 100mg + IUI#3 = BFN

    Lupron + Follistim + IVF#1 = 11ER, 10M, 10F, ET of 1 expanded BBA 5-day blast, 2 Frosties. BFP! Beta 10/13 = 264! Beta 10/15 = 702! EDD 6/21/14

  • Me: DD was conceived the 1st month we TTC. When I was done nursing and AF returned, we again conceived the first month we tried. That pregnancy ended in a loss at 15 weeks. As you can imagine, I thought I was fertile Myrtle and would conceive again quickly. Here I am 9 months after my loss, with an empty uterus.  I'm currently in the 2ww and if AF rears her ugly head, I'll begin BC in preparation for IVF. Apparently, MH has plenty of good swimmers, but few of them are shaped normally. AF should be here Saturday. My chart looks fantastic and its taking everything I have not to test, but I'd rather a drop in temp tell me AF is coming than look at yet another BFN.


    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?  I really don't like country music. While I was in college, I waited tables at a Lone Star Steakhouse and I think I'm scarred for life. A few too many line dances will do that to a girl! I like most other music though.

    2.) Favorite pms food? I don't get PMS cravings very often. Though when I do, it's typically candy corn, or jelly beans

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  • Me: DD conceived 2nd month TTC.
    Currently on AF of 15th cycle TTC #2. Diagnosed PCOS Feb 2013, on Met 500mg 3x/day. First appt with RE October 2nd.


    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?

    I listen to it all. My favorite lately has been alternative music like Alt-J, MsMR, Awolnation and  I am Dynamite. Add a little 90s rap and some country and that's the majority of what I listen too.

    2.) Favorite pms food?
    Everything. Ice cream, brownies, cookies, yum!
    DD 12/1/2009
    TTC#2 Since May 2012
    Dx PCOS February 2013 on Metformin 1500 mg
    Met with RE October 2013, we've got a plan!
    Surprise BFP on "break cycle" 10/12/13. EDD 6/17/14.
    MMC discovered 11/25/13 at 10 weeks. D&C 11/27/13.
    BFP 2/8/14 Beta#1: 176, Prog 18! Beta#2:335, Prog, 19.5!
    EDD 10/16/2014

  • 3.5 year old DS conceived after about 6 months. Currently on CD25 of cycle 27 TTC#2 (#34 if you count all our forced breaks, which I usually do since they weren't by choice!), which was supposed to be IUI#1 but was also a forced break due to too many follicles. Tube with a hydro removed earlier this year and otherwise unexplained. I am hoping we will be able to do IUI next cycle, but my thyroid bloodwork came back a bit high (I have been on meds for Hashimoto's since 2007) and the RE won't go ahead with the IUI unless my TSH goes back down. I should know tomorrow. Fingers crossed! We can try on our own still if not, but I am just ready to move on so will be disappointed.


    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like a pretty wide variety. DMB is always a favorite, and lately the Pitch Perfect soundtrack has been entertaining me at work.


    2.) Favorite pms food? I never associated a food with PMS. Is that strange?

    DS born Jan 2010

    TTC#2 since Nov 2010 with breaks for DH cancer tx (remission!)

    Tube with hydro removed Feb 2013

    BFP 11/11/13 IUI#2 clomid+trigger+prometrium

    Beta #1 14dpIUI=106; Beta #2 16dpIUI=287; Beta #3 20dpIUI=1158

    5w6d 1 hb 109 and 2nd smaller sac; 7w0d 1 hb 125 and confirmed vanishing twin

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  • @annibes, I hope you're feeling better!  What a month!

    Thanks! Better at the moment, hoping my issues are gone for good!
  • DD was conceived after 3 chemical pregnancies over the course of 7 months. We had no problems TTC then, just couldn't stay pregnant. I took Prometrium for 1st tri. We have been TTC #2 for 10 months with no BFP. Had TSH & Prolactin levels checked this month, both of which were perfect. The next step is an HSG, which is scheduled for the 23rd of this month.


    1.) What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    Pretty much anything except really twangy country. I mostly listen to what's on the radio. I like pop music.

    2.) Favorite pms food?

    CHOCOLATE!! My fave is Flips (chocolate covered pretzels). I finished off a huge bag of them this week!
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  • DS conceived after 8 months.  Currently on cycle 21 TTC #2 and in the process of IUI #2.  Unexplained 2IF.

    #1)  I like most music.  I hate techno, dance, and house.  I also hate most current pop.  In typing this out I feel like an old fuddy duddy.  Turn down that noise, you kids!

    #2)  I don't really have a PMS food.  I asked my husband and he said, "I don't know, more wine than usual?"

    TTC #2 since 1/2012

  • Conceived DD naturally with unexplained IF and TTC for 15 months. TTC #2 for 27 months. DX with DOR a few months ago with new RE. 2nd IUI (1st with injectables) BFN. On CD 2. DH's sperm has always been superb, and this last IUI all of his levels TANKED. We only had 3 million post wash. He has an appointment on Wednesday with RE as a patient. 

    I mostly like popular music. Whatever is playing on the radio.

    I want salt and chocolate when PMSing.
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