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Postpartum Depression

How to help someone with PPD

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A friend of mine recently had a baby is suffering from PPD. I know she needs my support and encouragement but I do not know what to say or do.
I have never had no have ever known someone with PPD so I am truly at a loss. Does it originate from mental or hormonal imbalances? Should I be more active in trying to visit and set up playdate or just leave it a a phone call so I won't impose on her space. Or offer to babysit? or would that be seen as insulting?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: How to help someone with PPD

  • Well I don't know her but I do know that for me isolation of being home with a baby was the hardest part. I felt like no one cared about me at all, it was all about the baby. Maybe do something nice for her (spa visit while you babysit?) and try to keep communication open. I really needed someone to just listen to me with no judgement and that was hard to come by. I think getting her out out of the house is a good start. You are a good friend to be worried and searching for a way to support her. Good luck!
  • Thank you I will send her for some me time while I take the baby.
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    Believe it or not many women do not know they are suffering from PPD and many outsiders do not really notice it either.  It is some hormones, but it is also how overwhelmed a person might be.  There are studies showing women who are older seem to suffer from it more.  Some of the conclusions for this relates to the idea the person no longer has the life they did pre baby.  It is a difficult adjustment to have your entire schedule altered.  

    With all that said, it is usually allowing the person to feel what they feel without judging them.  They may express something you feel is a ridiculous concept, but for them it is reality and they just want someone to agree, so they feel ok.  For me, my son was born prematurely and so much was not taken care of, so when I came home after 25 days in the hospital, I walked into piles of baby clothes that did not fit and should have been returned, but people had washed them and I was left with a heaping mess.  Everyone kept asking me what they should do or wanting me to somehow be able to dictate a task for them.  It was too much with a preemie and I did not want to hear their opinion about the nursery or anything for that matter.  What I wanted was someone to vent to and someone to be there so I could shower or walk or something to clear my head.  

    Be encouraging and try to get the person to do some physical movement.  I found solace in walking and eventually running.  I felt better and came out of it faster.  

    The fact you are there to give support is excellent and such a big deal!
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