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Plus Size and TTC

So I made an apt with an RE, it's three weeks from now. I am overweight, but I have lost about 35-40 lbs since January (thank you Metformin). I guess I am having this thought running through my head that the RE is just going to say, lose 50 lbs and then we will talk about treatment. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb of 2013 and my cycles have evened out quite a bit just with Metformin. My question is, if you are overweight, have you had any trouble with an RE refusing treatment?


TIA :)

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Re: Plus Size and TTC

  • Hi. Congrats on your weight loss. :)

    My first RE was terrible. He had me in tears almost every visit about being overweight and TTC. We left there and my new RE (who I wanted to see in the first place but due to insurance reasons) reassured me that my weight wouldn't be a concern.

    Good luck. I know it is such a sensitive subject.

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  • I hope it's okay to chime in .

    Although I agree that a healthy weight is ideal for conception don't let some stupid doctor give you too much flack about it. I know several real life friends who are not a healthy weight and eat crap and they have 2 or 3 kids each.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    Oh and I agree with wife07mom09 PCOS (although that isn't my Diagnosis) won't do your weight management any favors. Also I know someone who gained a fair amount FROM feriltiy drugs.

    Anyway- best of luck to you :)

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  • Congrats on your weight loss!

     I have met with both my Ob/Gyn and RE. The Ob/Gyn said that I was "healthy" despite me knowing I am overweight. In the past I went two Ob/Gyns that had me in tears and never saw them again. I ended up conceiving DS the next cycle after the last "mean" one.
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