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Quick question re: Labor Buddies

Hey Guys- Sorry I haven't gotten these out yet, grumpy baby is making down time hard to come by! Ok..so I have a few people that I couldn't find due dates for so if you see this and can get back to me with your due date that would be great:) These are the people I need due dates from because either I am blind or I couldn't find them on the spreadsheet or on the posts: @SvedkaStoli, @sugarland726, @Rwkimmons

Also- quick overview of what labor buddies are for those who've asked. A labor buddy is someone on the board who you will contact to let know that you are in labor and (when you can) let know how baby is doing after you've given birth. This person will keep the board updated about you so you don't have to worry about it. How you contact each other is up to you and your comfort level. 

Thanks for your patience while I figure this out, I'm hoping to have a list up by tomorrow:)

Re: Quick question re: Labor Buddies

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