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advice on teaching ds to follow directions in class

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DS had his first day of zoo school today. It's 3 hours long and they do crafts, circle time, learn about animals, and go into the zoo. He is super into animals and seems to love it, but I need some advice.

When I went to pick him up he was in a great mood, very happy, and ran to me to hold my hand and show me his sticker. The teacher told me he did not have the best first day, mainly in the class room part. She said he did amazing in the zoo part which she was surprised because that is the part most kids struggle with.  He held the rope (they have all the kids hold onto a rope when they go into the zoo) and held the teacher aids hand when asked to and got the sticker for holding on t the rope the whole time. So good news there, but she said in the classroom he did not follow directions that well. Mainly he wanted to do his own thing and explore on his own. He has always been like this and although he plays with other kids he plays by himself very well but we need to work on him following directions. He did not do his "daily chore" or his craft. I asked her if she had any advice on things we could work with him on at home- something to help him learn to follow the more organized directions at zoo school. She did not really have advice but said if we can think of anything we do at home that helps him follow directions to let her know. 

The class is a mix of 3 and 4 year olds. Some of the 4 year olds went last year. DS may be the youngest...

We do crafts and stuff at home and sometimes he is really into them and some days he is not and gets easily distracted. All I can think of is more practice doing more directed things- less open ended. 
She gave me me the coloring mini book they did today since he did not do it. He fell asleep in the car and took a nap and woke up happy and I asked him to do the coloring and he happily did it right away. Any advice to help him learn to follow direction in the classroom?
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Re: advice on teaching ds to follow directions in class

  • Thanks, that makes me feel better and I agree!

    It's a real preschool program. Not sure I would consider it full out preschool since it's only a day a week. But the teacher is a real teacher and it's the whole school year.  And I'm kind of was shocked as well that she felt it was a bad day because I felt him staying with the class was a HUGE WIN! I'll be honest I was really proud of him.  I mean she did not say he was being distracting to the other kids, just he did not want to do the activity's in he class room. She is pregnant and seemed super tired so maybe she just said it oddly.... she is really sweet and DS seems to like her.

    Also we go out a lot so it makes since he did well in the zoo, but we don't do a class room at home needless to say so I was not shocked at all that he was distracted in that situation on the first day. He seemed happy and has been talking about it all day. 
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  • Ditto Cmeon. The diet day he did not scream, cry or throw things but did not participate in part of the day and that is a bad day? WTF did she except from a 3yo? FWIW my DD was 3y9m when she started at my sons old preschool class last year and had friends in the class and she cried for a few weeks and would not do work on the floor for two months, it is Montessori and she would sit on the floor but only work at a table. And never once did her teacher say it was a bad day. I think the teacher was cranky. Hopefully tomorrow is better and the teacher does not have horrible classroom management. If she complains again I would nicely set her expectations were they should be and tell her you hope the following week he participates more but that at 3 you think if he is not misbehaving and being great half the day that it is a good day.
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  • ITA with the PPs, it was his first day. He was happy when you picked him up and he didn't cry--that's a win in my book. If the teacher says something else about it, maybe you can tell her he's really excited and this is all new, so as long as he's not being disruptive you're okay if it takes him a few weeks to get the routine down.
  • Thanks everyone!!! 
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  • Yeah, that is craziness, for a 1 day a week preschool & I assume this was his first experience ever in a 'school' type environment? No crying, tantrums, clinging to you, sitting by himself being sad? Sounds like a great day to me and one that we don't even have after 4 years in full time daycare LOL. Seriously, he is 3, a boy and is in a new environment...I would take her comment and toss it. Zoo school sounds fun :)
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