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Newbie with a question about HSGs

Hi ladies. I met with an OB last month that works in the same office as a RE that I have an appt to see in Oct. The OB tested my prolactin levels & TSH, both of which were perfectly normal. So, he now says the next step is an HSG and then if that doesn't work then I will have my appt with the RE in Oct. So my question(s) for all of you that have had experiences with HSGs is 1.) are they very painful? Did you have to take pain meds? 2.) The nurse told me that the month of the HSG would be my best opportunity for getting pregnant because it will help open up the tubes and clear out any scar tissue, etc. Anybody heard of anyone getting pregnant immediately after an HSG?

TIA for your responses and sorry about the formatting. I'm on mobile.
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Re: Newbie with a question about HSGs

  • I just had an HSG 2 weeks ago. I had some mild cramping during the procedure, but it was over very quickly! I took some I ibuprofen in advance. It really was no big deal. My tubes were clear, so I'm not sure if I believe that the month following is the best time to get pregnant. I think doctors use this test to confirm you don't have any major blockages.


  • Hi there... You will find that everyone has a different reaction and thought on HSG's. I have had two, and I didn't find them necessarily painful, but crampy during and for a couple hours afterwards, just like menstrual cramps.   And as PP said they check mostly for blockages. 

    Good luck and welcome.


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  • #1) Yes, it was very painful/crampy for me. 
    #2) I took 800mgs Motrin 30 mins prior. 
    #3) Yes, the Dr. assured me, the 2 months following the HSG have the highest success rate for pregnancy. I guess my uterus missed the memo. 

    I had spotting several days after my HSG, everyone is different, but spotting is a possibility. 

    Good luck. 

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  • Thank so much to all of you for sharing your experiences. I'm aware that the main point of the HSG is to check for blockages but the nurse made it sound like it could help open up the tubes. I'm still pretty nervous about it. I honestly feel like its a complete waste of my time and money and they aren't going to find anything, but we will see...
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  • I found it to be a little crampy during the HSG, but didn't have any cramping afterward.  I also took ibuprofin prior to the procedure, per my doctor's suggestion.  They didn't find anything on mine, but I was reassured to know that both tubes are open and my uterus is shaped properly.
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  • I thought the same thing about if being a waste of time so I put it off, but one tube actually was blocked with a hydrosalpinx (fluid filled, can prevent implantation). The doctors said it could have been from appendicitis I had as a kid. It reminded me of contractions but was over fairly quickly. Good luck! I hope it does the trick for you. It did for a coworker of mine so there is hope!

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