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LO with speech issue in private preschool?

We are looking at options for my LO. He just turned 3 and is being evaluated by the district. He has apraxia and tries very hard to communicate but it's hard for others to understand him.
Does anyone have experience sending a speech delayed/disordered LO to private preschool?

Re: LO with speech issue in private preschool?

  • Our private church basement program has 4- 5 SN students per class of 12-14.  They receive services through the county and their service providers come in and do speech/OT/PT in the classroom.  The resource is in daily, as well. 

    I would definitely see if the preschool is open to service providers coming in.  MY DS's EI SLP, PT and OT all went to see him in the class once a month. 

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    My daughter is almost 3 and also has apraxia.  She started attending a one day a week MDO program last year and loved it.  None of the kids were very verbal at the beginning of the year so it was fine.  It made the decision to continue with their program this year easy.  She was officially diagnosed with apraxia over the summer and I've been struggling with the decision on where to put her after her birthday.  Ultimately I think we will stick with private preschool.  Our SLP and OT think DD would be the highest functioning kid in a SN preschool, and that obviously wouldn't be the best fit. 

    I did talk to the director of the church preschool program before classes began to tell her about the diagnosis.  She was wonderful and had me sit down with her to discuss the best ways to help DD.  She has also invited our SLP to come to class anytime she wants to help the teachers.  So, I think for us mainstream school with continued private speech is the best route.  We'll add speech through the school district, too, but at this point I am not interested in their PPCD program.

    DD is now in her second week of school and is loving it.  She is not understandable to strangers at all but still gets her needs across. Hope this helps. 

    ETA:  Being around super verbal peers has also done wonders for her speech.  She comes home from school trying to make new sounds.  They don't stick, but it seems to give her more motivation to speak.

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  • My oldest attended private preschool and was in speech therapy through our town. He was very difficult to understand due to articulation issues. He was about 10 percent able to endear stand his speech. He did just fine at the private preschool, his 2nd year in preschool he was still having speech issues over 50 percent of the time. His teachers were very patient with him. They knew he was getting speech services.

    My middle son was enrolled in a town collaborative preschool due to his severity with articulation and phonology. I would have sent him to the same private school as his older brother if they felt he only needed one on one speech. But he needed one on one and peer model.
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  • My DS has sppech and sensory issues and has attended private preschool. He was asked to leave the first preschool because of his issues. They believed he could only thrive in a class of 2-3 or at the local district preschool for kids with special needs. 

    We had the option of having him tested at the school district and then having them provide services at school.  I chose to get him services at a private speech therapist and OT.    His speech has greatly improved. 

    I was very upset at him being "kicked out" of the first preschool buy the teachers at the preschool he attends now are much more welcoming and understanding of his needs because they have students who are special needs and who are not.  After all this I realized that it was important for my DS to be comfortable where ever he went to school. 
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