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No cranberries for my kid

So my mom made this a-mazing drink for us at her house. It was orange juice, cranberry juice and some sprite (the adults' might have had a little rum ;) ) Jack adored it so he had quite a bit. So when we are at her house, Ive been giving him allergy medicine for their dog. Tonight, I made some for us at home and he had some. I run to Walmart and come back to a huge welt on his leg outside his diaper. Both legs are lined with a really painful rash and welts. I ran him into our instacare place. The doctor was idiot. He promptly told me it was either a rash or a bug bite. Good to know /eyeroll. Im fairly positive it's the cranberries and my mom interrupted my story with "THE CRANBERRIES!," so she is too.

 Ugh, kids are scary. We just tacked on another 5 minutes of discussion at our well child visit next week.


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