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How will you handle social media??

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I am a soon-to-be dad and my wife and I have been talking a lot about how to handle social media posts when our son is born/young.  We don't want to completely cut it off, but also don't want to post a bunch of pics that he'll hate us for once he reaches elementary school.  I've already seen a ton on Facebook that seem more like the picture your friend slips into the rehearsal dinner in front of family, but maybe not for everyone to see. Have any of you dealt with this/what do you think??  This list my wife found especially got us talking !

Interested to hear thoughts!

Re: How will you handle social media??

  • MW and I post a decent amount of our LO's pictures.  My MIL has told me to remove a picture that she didn't like so I have gone to only posting pictures of my immediate family when possible that way I don't have anyone telling me to remove pictures.  MW also censors what I am allowed to post depending on how she looks.  I do he same thing to her.

    I tend to not take embarrassing pictures of my LO when possible and refused to post the "cute" naked baby pictures that my MIL took.
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  • I definitely agree with you!  I think we are going to try to stick to posting immediate family pics only as well...just to avoid anyone getting upset  :)
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  • My apologies with the is the correct one

    Yeah, I was thinking towards the 10 years from now scenario - I don't think it will be as much an adult issue, but more something that I could totally see bully-type children finding online and then reposting for "the whole school to see" sort of thing.  My wife will probably post sparingly.  I mostly thought of this after seeing a lot of Facebook posts and thinking about how awkward/embarrassing the pictures will be once the children get into grade school.
  • I post a lot of pictures of the house, vacations, friends and family, etc. it's all about how you use your privacy settings. Making sure the pictures are not public. But I will not post any pictures of the LO that are potentially embarrassing.

    Thank god my parents didn't have Facebook when I was a toddler because my mom is in possession of a picture of me with a loaded diaper. I have a feeling she would have posted that shit for everyone to see.
  • This an interesting way to look at this.  We do not post anything that embarrasses US.  We post TONS of pics to facebook, and would not post pictures that show a blown out diaper, shows our house as a mess, or anything that would embarrass us.  On a couple occasions (only two I can remember off the top of my head) where the photo was funny, and I wanted to share, but didn't want it to be on facebook for the world to see.  My solution was to email or text it to the select few people I thought would enjoy it.  On the flip side, I may overshare on stories.  My wife embarrasses pretty easy, so I do my best to not cross that line.  Any time I do, she reels me back in.

    Something to consider is that if someone in middleschool is trying to dig up something to pick on/bully your child, you can only do so much in way of a protective bubble.  If they are going back 10 years on facebook to find a picture of a baby.....they are going to find something, even if they just make it up. We don't want to make it too easy on them, but we also don't want to let them run how we do things.
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