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Pregnancy and zoloft? And an intro..

I'm Katie.. Not new to the bump or ppd but new to this board. My son is 2.5 years old and I am on zoloft (100mg). My husband and I would like to try for a 2nd child.. Has anyone gotten pregnant while on zoloft? I have an appointment set up with a psychiatrist that deals with pregnancy/post partum etc etc but I was just curious to see if anyone had any experience.

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  • No experience, yet. My DS is 10.5 months old, I am on 50mg of Zoloft and actively TTC. My doctor is okay with it, we have decided the benefit out weigh the risk for me. Good luck!
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  • Thanks.. My appointment with my psychiatrist isn't until the endof October but she seemed fine with me ttc without going off my meds. It took me a long time to get my depression and anxiety under control and while I know each pregnancy/baby is different I wouldn't want to risk falling into that kind of depression again. I thought I would be scared to ttc again but I am actually excited. :)
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  • I got off my meds before conceiving and it did NOT WORK WELL!  At week 5 I had to go back on meds and it took about 12 weeks before I found the right medicated amount - 150mg of Zoloft.  All of my docs (perinatal psychiatrist, OB, high risk doc) agree that I need to be on it and that the benefits outweigh the risks.  They also agree that given my history, I probably should have never gone off the meds in the first place.  Going on medication while pregnant was NOT fun and made for a horrible first half of pregnancy.
  • I'm 15w pregnant and on 25mg of Zoloft daily for anxiety. When prescribing the meds, my doctor chose Zoloft because she knew I was TTC. I have no intention to go off because it has worked very well in curbing my panic attacks. In fact, I am now experience some prenatal depression and will be seeing a counselor. I'm hopeful that is all it takes, but if not, I would absolutely consider upping my dosage.

    In choosing to stay on the meds, I obviously spoke with my prescribing doctor and my OB (who didn't even bat an eyelash at it) and we determined that for me, the benefits outweigh the minimal risks of the meds. An anxious mom having panic attacks would be really bad! The biggest concern will be the baby being born with a slight addiction, but even then, the withdrawl symptoms should be gone by the time we leave the hospital.

    Just thought I'd give you a positive side. Definitely talk to you doctor, but it can work! I have no regrets so far.
  • I've been on 50 mg my entire pregnancy. I'm due 10/22. So far so good, and no depression or panic attacks. I still get a little anxiety, but really nbd.
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  • I got pregnant on Zoloft and was told I could continue to take it while pregnant. Unfortunately due to my nausea I could not continue it. So I'm working with a counselor to help me through the pregnancy. My hubby comes to appointments as well since he is my gage. I'm now 30 weeks and doing okay with a few lows that have been tough. Good luck! It can be tough, but with the right support it can be done.
  • My doc said it was one of the safest depression/anxiety meds for pregnancy.
  • Not Zoloft, but lexapro which is similar. baby and I are doing just fine.

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  • Been on Zoloft for 9mo prior to conceiving and still on it now at 3 months pregnant. My doc and I agreed it is best for me to stay on it thru the whole pregnancy and there after. (Had PPD with my first child.) baby and I are doing well and the benefit so outweighs the risk. My anxiety and depression are so much more controlled. I also see a therapist at least once a month and they both have been lifesavers.


  • I'm TTC and planing to stay on my antidepressant when I become pregnant. I've had depression for 19 years
    I've never gotten off meds and the past two years have had a long time finding onectgat works for me. My husband and me decided it was best for me to stay on my med after consulting with my pyshchiatrist.
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