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For anyone that still checks in here...picky eaters

Just wondering how all your toddlers eat? My DD eats ok for toddler I suppose. Lots of the same things, hut recently is starting to avoid some of her favorites. Just wanting some tips to help her enjoy new foods and wondering about her recent behavior. Thanks!
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Re: For anyone that still checks in here...picky eaters

  • I asked the pedi about this recently and she claims its normal. She recommended to keep trying lots of variety and reintroduce those old faves every few weeks. We adults go through stages like that sometimes when we eat too much of one particular cereal and we get sick of it... I'd guess that happens to toddlers too.
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  • Not too well. Our pedi said it was a 2 year old's job to be a picky eater, so I just go with it as much as I can.
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  • J is a terribly picky eater. I get him nutrition through smoothies. The ped said to keep giving him the stuff I make and to not give in and make something else if he doesn't eat it. She also said its a toddler's way of exerting control over something (since they don't get to control a lot of situations in their lives).
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  • Same here. DS will try new foods out of curiosity if he sees us eating it, but will almost never eat an entire meal, even if its food he usually enjoys. It's always a struggle to get food in him. What he loves today he won't eat tomorrow :(
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  • Yep, mine barely eats anything other than yogurt and bananas and often opts not to eat dinner if those two things aren't on the menu. It stresses me out to no end but I also give her spinach and greek yogurt filled smoothies.
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  • My DD used to eat very well until she hit 1 year old then it went downhill. She is so picky and none of the things she liked prior she eats now. Basically, she will eat sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, fruits, carrots and peas, rice, mac & cheese, hot dogs & beans, bacon, eggs, spaghetti and sauce, pizza and fries of course and if allowed candy. 

  • My DS is failure to thrive. That is how badly he eats. It's a struggle. He has a dietitian and a pediatric gastro.
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