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Accidents during media time

At home, school, Nana's, wherever.... DS keeps having accidents when he is playing with an iPad or watching tv. Is this because we limit it so much? He maybe gets an hour or 2 a week, but I do know that he gets to play the iPad during center time at school. Is he just so excited that someone actually let him that he can't be bothered to go? Does he think that if he leaves to pee that he won't get to play again? What's the best way to handle this? He has been potty trained about 6 months.

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  • He could just be too distracted to realize he needs to go. Since you know it's a problem, maybe set a time so half way through his time he takes a bathroom break, and hopefully he'll eventually start realizing he needs to go on his own.
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  • I agree with having him go before playing!
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  • We were having the same problem, so we turned it around. Every time she goes to the bathroom and has dry panties, she gets 15 minutes of screen time. Not only does it encourage her to use the potty, but it has also significantly decreased her asking for TV, movies, our phones, etc.
  • Thanks guys! great ideas! Still kind of hard to work out at pre-k, but he did better today and we rewarded him, so hopefully we are heading in the right direction!
  • Also watch the Daniel Tiger episode on Netflix where Daniel and Prince Wednesday learn to take a quick break from playing to use the potty.
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