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Preschool teacher wants to teach DS to pee standing up...

He pees at home on a baby bjorn potty seat very well.  She says that he's not pushing his pee pee down and he pees out of the toilet on occasion.  She can't touch him to help him but he's getting his bottoms wet. :( she asked if she could teach him to pee standing up.  I said "sure, if he'll do it for you!?".  We've tried that at home but honestly we've been training for a while and he just finally got it a few weeks ago...I don't want to force him to pee standing up when sitting is working at home.  I mean more power to her if she can teach him to stand up and pee...but how does that make it easier?  I'm afraid his aim will be even worse!

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Re: Preschool teacher wants to teach DS to pee standing up...

  • DH threw Cheerios in the potty and told DS1 to aim for them...he was peeing standing up with great aim within a week.  I want to say he was around 3.5 when he mastered peeing standing up...I say give it a try, I doubt it would make him regress to not using the potty at all.  
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  • DS stands up at school and sits at home. It hasn't been a problem. The industrial toilets at his school make it hard for a little bum to sit and keep it in the potty.
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  • I taught DS to lean forwards when he sits on the potty. That forces the angle down, and he doesn't pee out of the potty. He refuses to use a potty seat, and just wants to sit on the regular seat, with me helping him to stay there, and so far he has never peed out of the toilet. Maybe your teacher could try that?
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