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Just moved to Indy and trying for our first, feeling a bit overwhelmed

Hello everyone. My husband and I just moved to Indy and we are going to start trying for our first baby sometime next year. I am due for my annual exam so I would like to go ahead and get something scheduled and do an annual/prepreg exam. However, I know that doctors will only have rights at certain hospitals so do I need to know what hospital I want first or should i find a doctor and then just use their hospital? I really would like to have a natural child birth if possible, and I like the facilities that IU methodist has on their website, with wireless monitoring, birthing balls, and hydrotherapy. I am reading through old posts, but I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to go about finding a doctor/hospital that fits what we are looking for. Thanks!

Re: Just moved to Indy and trying for our first, feeling a bit overwhelmed

  • I delivered naturally at IU Methodist in February and had a great experience. I actually had a midwife, they're very common at Methodist. Shane Ping was my midwife and she was amazing, I was with her from almost the beginning of my pregnancy and couldn't have been happier. I am also a doula so if you are looking for extra support for a natural birth that may be something to look into :) Good luck trying!
  • Welcome! We live in Indy as well and just had our first at IU Methodist in July. While I did not deliver naturally (labored for 17 hours then ended up with a c-section) I did have a good experience there. I really appreciated the wireless monitoring and being able to move around during my early stages of labor. I do agree with the PP that a midwife might be a good option for you. Good luck to you!
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  • Thanks everyone! We are definitely going to look in to IU methodist and north. Thanks so much for the feedback!
  • I had a great experience at IU Methodist if u want to hear about the whole experience i commented on the forum asking about IU Methodist right before this one... Good Luck!
  • I love IU North. Welcome to Indy!

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  • IU North was great for our natural birth! Welcome to the Circle City!
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