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York Hospital vs. Wentworth Douglass

Hi Everyone! I'm new to this board, and it looks like people don't post very regularly, but hoping someone might be able to help me out. I'm 16 weeks pregnant, and trying to decide between delivering at York Hospital or Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH. Does anyone have any opinion of either? Thanks in advance!

Re: York Hospital vs. Wentworth Douglass

  • Hi!  I also JUST found out I'm pregnant (6 weeks tomorrow!) and because I'm a bit of an over-achiever, I wanted to go in for a checkup right away.  I also debated York vs. WD (I live in Acton, ME, so they're kind of the same distance), and I decided on WD.  I found an amazing midwife practice a block or two from the hospital.  The real clincher for me was - do I want to be in labor, during Memorial Day Weekend, trying to get into York with all the crazy beach people? :)

    Good luck!  And if you're interested, the midwives I am with are Dover Women's Health.
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