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Postpartum Depression

Dealing with resentment

I was diagnosed with PPD at 5 weeks postpartum and I've been on wellbutrin since. But now I'm developing major feelings of resentment toward my SO. Has anyone else dealt with this or have a way to cope?
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Re: Dealing with resentment

  • I've been alternating between jealousy that my husband doesn't have to nurse in the night and guilt that I can't do more around the house. Between therapy and candid conversations with DH, I'm reminded that DH went into this with me, and that he wants to parent LO as well as help me adjust to the new routine. I remind myself that my resentment is not reasonable and not deserved, as DH is really supportive. 
    Is your SO helpful? Are you able to talk to him?
  • My little one is going on 4 months. I work from home and my husband gets to leave the house for work, so you can imagine how much I resent him for that.  We've fought in the last 2 months more than we have in the last 8 years together.  I know that there is alot that can be resolved with talking and I admit that I hold things in alot.  I do it only because to my DH, Mom issues are sometimes no big deal. Example, I could tell my husband how I didn't even have time to shower and he'll ask why I didn't just put the baby down. Oh stupid me! Why didn't I think of that?! I used to say "you don't get it", and walk away. Now I'm learning to tell him what I want from the situation. "Honey, we need to work out a schedule so that I can shower when you come home from work. Phones were busy, baby was fussy, and its a great time for you to spend with the baby." Most arguments aren't that easily resolved but you get my drift. I still have my challenges when dealing with jealousy, low self esteem, or self doubts as a new mommy. But I look down at my LO and I remind myself that I am 100% responsible for another human being, hell yeah I'm going to have my issues  ~X(
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  • I was very resentful that he got a break from the baby to go to work.. And that I felt like I was doing it all. He wasn't super helpful at first but I had to remind myself we were first time parents and he was learning too.. Just different than me. I found that having really really open communication and having a "routine" helped tremendously. DH hated changing diapers, it didn't bother me.. I got tired of the bottle feeds so he took bottles when he was home and I handled diapers. I had trouble doing bath time, so he took it over and I would get the baby dressed & put him to bed. I had to remember to ask for help. It's a hard balance :(
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