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What Parenting Classes Did You Find Most Useful/Valuable?

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Many first time dads go to a lot of the parenting classes that are offered through various venues. Which ones did you find most useful?

What Parenting Classes Did You Find Most Useful/Valuable? 7 votes

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Child Safety
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Child First Aid
28% 2 votes
Car Seat Safety
14% 1 vote
Breast Feeding
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57% 4 votes

Re: What Parenting Classes Did You Find Most Useful/Valuable?

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    I took a class called Daddy Boot Camp.  It was a class taught by recent dads, for soon to be dads.  It was pretty good.  It was the only class I took.
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  • We didn't take any parenting classes.  I was given a sometimes serious book and the rest has been instinct/common sense with an assist from the bump.

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  • We did the pre-birth class that was part of MW's pregnancy.  We ended up being the portion that has back labor where once the labor hits it is all in the  back and it feels like someone is stabbing you with a knife or so MW described it.  We didn't do any of the other classes.  We might have taken the breast feeding class if our LO didn't take to the nipple quickly.

    It has been a long time since I passed a first aid class for children.  I tried to become a EMT over 20 years ago.  I don't always agree with some of the more "modern" ways of handling accidents but that is fine with me.
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  • My wife and I just took a birth to 6 weeks class. We both found it very helpful. We figure we'll skip the birthing class since there will be plenty of doctors and nurses there telling her/us what to do. I just wanted to have some general knowledge so I can make my own decisions rather than relying on people who had kids 20+ years ago. 
  • For me, I find Parenting magazine and a lot of the baby classes becoming too paranoid when raising a child.  Both my parents grew up on farms and my siblings and I spent a decent amount of time after age of two on farms and full time on farms prior to 2 so I don't see why we have to kill both good and bad germs just for "safety" sake.  There are a lot of other parenting issues out there that I don't full agree with either especially those that want to keep their children rear facing longer then it is engineering safe.
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