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I just dropped my 4 year old DS off for his first day of "official" preschool, and I was a little emotional about it when I got to work.  My coworker was really surprised that I put him in a real preschool and couldn't figure out why one would do that.  I had no idea that preschool was "controversial," so I thought I would bring the discussion here.  How many of you plan on doing preschool for your kids?  

DS has been in daycare up until now, and I just felt like he needed a bit more structure, and there is a great private school near us that has a great preschool program.  For SAHMs, do you plan on doing some kind of "school" for your kids before kindergarten?  For WMs, do you plan on transitioning from a nanny/daycare to actual preschool at some point?  Just curious to see the different opinions on this topic. 
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Re: preschool

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    Sorry, I replied under an old name first...

    I'm a SAHM this year, and DS1 just started regular preschool. I plan to go back to work next year and I plan to have a nanny. I will still put DS1 in preschool and I may even put DS2 in the 2 year old program. Around here, unless they were in a day care center with a preschool "curriculum," I would get side-eyed for NOT doing a preschool.
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  • We started Allison in a sort of pre-preschool in August.  I totally plan on putting her in preschool at 3.  I think there are so many awesome things that pre-k teaches outside of just colors, letters, whatever.  I think it is good for kids to start being in a semi-structured environment before they start school...it is easier to adapt.
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  • Jackson will definitely be in K3 and K4 (preschool).
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  • We will eventually put Lu in preschool if we can afford it. Maybe when she is 3, 2 mornings a week. She's with me pretty much all the time, so even though she is already getting socialization I think it will be good for her to have some time away from me.
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  • I run an in home daycare. But plan on sending Gabe to preschool one or two mornings a week around age three. My days are structured. But I want him to have a bit of kindergarten prep and experience time without me. We are basically always together.
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  • We will absolutely do preschool, probably a 4 yr old program.

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  • My 4yo started preschool this year. It's only half a day aside from learnong numbers, letter ect they do field trips and have people of different professions come talk to the class. I think its good for them to have a more social setting and get them ready for kindergarten.
  • I work part time, so both of my kids are at a daycare center part time. DD has gotten 2 preschool sessions per week since she entered that classroom at 2y9m. We just added a 3rd morning so to step her up a bit this year before starting kindergarten (she will start in 2014). In our area, Kindergarten is all day, so we wanted her to get adjusted to having a little bit more school. She loves it!
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  • I will apply for the Pre-k program through our ISD when Caroline is 4.  She will be in daycare up to that point but I want her to have more structure and get a better idea of what school will be like.
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  • I SAH. I will more than likely end up doing some sort of informal homeschooling for preschool. Haven't put a ton of thought into it though as it seems like it's a long way off to me.
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  • L is actually just starting in a Mother's Day Out Program next week.  It is structured like our local preschools.  They will have open play, music, story time, art, snack, and outside play.  I will plan on putting him in a preschool when the time comes prior to Kindergarten. 
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  • We will put LO in preschool, probably when he is 3.5...probably a church base school but it matters more on our daycare situation

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  • DS will start preschool when he's 3 1/2. He goes to a home daycare now and, while the days are structured, there's a variety of ages and DCP isn't a licensed early ed teacher. I want him to be prepared for kindergarten and be exposed to the classroom setting.
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  • DD attends an early learning center now. She just started in a young toddler room last week (age 18-24mo). This room has lesson plans, and is a lot like pre-school. Every day they have art, science/sensory, dramatic play, manipulatives, gross motor, language/letters, circle time, and story time. They also learn a new song and color every week. They are learning manners too, and starting to potty train. The set schedule helps too, because I can easily keep the same routine at home (as far as meal times and nap time).

    The other side of the building is official preschool, and uses the same curriculum as the school district preschools. At age 4, they have a year of Kindergarten Prep.

    She is there from 6:30am-4pm M-F, and will continue on this schedule until Kindergarten, which is all day in our district.

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  • We put my 4 year old in preschool this year (just turned 4 in Sept) and Cordelia will go to preschool when she is 3.  I am pretty sure everyone around here does it and I never thought twice about it.
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  • I look at this topic through 2 different lenses.

    1. I'm a teacher (kindergarten) and I see what a difference preschool "CAN" make to incoming kids.  There can be a significant difference between kids who have had preschool and those who haven't in their ability to separate from their parents and in stamina for "school-related tasks" (i.e. sitting for a story, taking turns in a group, sharing, etc.).  Last year our district offered 4K to all kids in the district.  We have seen that this has made an incredible amount of difference in students who would not have normally attended a preschool and/or students who are coming from a home in which enrichment opportunities are less abundant.  For these kids coming into kindergarten- they are coming in with more letter knowledge, basic counting skills, etc, which are skills they historically would be lacking in at the beginning of Kindergarten.  For students who have grown up in a home environment in which enrichment opportunities are readily available, I don't see preschool making an extreme impact in their readiness for school (other than maybe making them more ready to separate from parents or more successful with certain social situations).

    2. As a parent, and as a person who never went to formal preschool myself, I feel that preschool definitely has a great purpose, but is not necessary for future school success.  Parents are the most powerful tool in providing their children with opportunities for future school success.  Parents simply need to read to their children, talk to them, and expose them to lots of different experiences.  Children don't need to come into kindergarten knowing all their letters and numbers- they simply need to come to kindergarten ready to learn.  That being said, I think where most students struggle when they start school is socially- when they haven't been in social situations enough or haven't learned essential social skills.  These skills can be learned in settings other than preschool (i.e. play groups, music/gymnastics classes, etc.).

    3. Since our school district offers 4K to all families, we will have our DD participate in that as I think she would love it and will learn a lot of good social skills to prepare her for school.  I believe true preparation for school readiness comes from home, though.


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  • My daughter goes to "school" 3 full days a week. It is really daycare at this point but the growth she has shown being there is amazing. Being the first born it gives her time to socialize and interact with other kids. Shes learning to share and they support potty training when ready. When she was younger it really put her on a regular schedule as well. She will continue to go there for preschool until kindergarten.

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