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XP - Parents of LO's with peanut/nut allergies

I might not know you but your LO is precious to me. Weird for an internet stranger to say so I'll blame it on third trimester hormones. 

How do I keep your LO safe? Peanut butter is a staple in our household, finding it's way into breakfast almost every morning. DD is set to start daycare soon and it's a peanut/nut free environment. I have absolutely NO issues with that at all but how can I make sure if DD has it for breakfast that she doesn't inadvertently bring it on her to school?? Is simply brushing her teeth, washing her hands with soap and water and making sure her clothes are clean enough?

I can only imagine how stressful an allergy can be on a parents so how can we, as a family, help??
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Re: XP - Parents of LO's with peanut/nut allergies

  • Yay for KevsLove!  :x

    Clean clothes, rinsing out her mouth and washing her hands should be enough. It's the soap and friction that cleans nut proteins off a surface, so even a hand wipe will work, but hand sanitizer will not.

    All of the above. OP, that's really nice of you :)
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