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Just curious who out there has been to CCRM for IUI and how it went? We were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility in February, and have saved up and decided to go for it in October. Any advice and/or stories are much appreciated! Thanks, you rock.


  • I did one IUI at CCRM and it didn't work. We went right to IVf. I am an older mom to be so my issue was really old, poor quality eggs. I love CCRM and I am now 25 weeks along with a little boy! Wishing you luck in October!!!!
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  • We did IVF through CCRM (diagnostics done Feb and Mar - IVF in mid-May) and couldn't be happier.  Due to our ages we decided to save time by just going the IVF route - worked the first time and I am now 21 weeks pregnant with twins!  We had a really great experience at CCRM and highly recommend it.  Best of luck to you.

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  • We did IUI with CCRM in Lone Tree just one time and it was successful. I got pregnant with my son who is now almost 11 months old. I highly recommend trying. Good luck!
  • My DH and I did IUI with the Denver office of CCRM and we were successful on the first try! I am now almost 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy! They are definitely nit the most nurturing place, but they know what they are doing. I did acupuncture too at the recommendation of CCRM right around the procedure, and my husband and I went on a weekend getaway the weekend before which I think helped us. Good luck!
  • Thanks all! I am thrilled to announce that we are pregnant after our first IUI!!!!! Just got the BFP very early this morning. We have usually been seen at the Louisville office, but actually had IUI performed in Lone Tree since it's the only one open on weekends. We have also been very impressed with CCRM, and will recommend them to everyone! Congrats and best wishes to all of you!
  • Congratulations!!
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