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Does anyone here breastfeed and take Seroquel? I'm currently taking 300 mg a day which both my ob and shrink are ok with. But neither can give me an answer regarding breastfeeding. Just a "risk vs benefit" type of answer as its a Cat C.  If I cant find more info, I will just formula feed.

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  • Hi.  Postpartum I took Seroquel (I think 200 mg a day) and Effexor (300 mg a day).  I never could get a straight answer as to whether or not Seroquel is excreted in breast milk (got conflicting information from different doctors and none of them sounded absolutely certain).  To be honest I don't think there's been any research into this; the doctors just don't know what risks there might be.  That's why I chose to formula feed. 
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    Limited information indicates that maternal quetiapine oral doses of up to 400 mg daily produce low levels in milk. Because there is little published experience with quetiapine during breastfeeding and little long-term follow-up data, other agents may be preferred, especially while nursing a newborn or preterm infant.

    From LactMed: Look for more info there. Most meds are ok for nursing. Some are better than others. Thus site gives you alternative meds to try that are safer as well. I would talk to a LC or have a LLL leader talk to you about it too. Don't give up nursing until you get a clear cut answer.

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  • Thank you, I appreciate the information


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