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If you are seeking treatment

How did you decide to do treatment after having #1?

DH has been on the fence about doing IF treatment but this was our last TTC on our own month and it looks like its a bust.

So next month, we will do Clomid/IUI. We get 4 tries before we'd have to move to other treatment.  We will not be doing IVF so I am hoping it can happen with the Clomid/IUI.

 6/09 right tube loss (fallopian torsion) 12/09 BFP #1 (DD born 9/10)
8/12 dx Lupus (ANA+/APA-), 12/12 BFP #2  natural m/c 6w 2d 
TTC#2  since 9/12  50mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #1 Beta 10/4=BFN
                             50mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #2 Beta 11/1= BFN
                                  100 mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #3 Beta 12/26=BFFN
100 mg Clomid/Ovidrel IUI #4 Beta 2/14= BFFN
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Re: If you are seeking treatment

  • Hi.. Well I guess we were given no other option.  I had #1 over 17 years ago and after trying for over 2 years, all the testing we went through determined it was our only option.  We are just getting started now.  


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    Hi. We are doing a FET in Feb, but have decided to try IUI (but not with chlomid, that s*#t makes me cRaZy) in October. Since having DD, my body has finally figured out what to do and I am ovulating,

    TTC for 1.5 years with a crappy RE. 12 cycles with clomid (11 too many)
    New RE, 3 failed IUI's moving to IVF with ICSI
    IVF#1 BFP EDD 1/10/13
    Beta#1 51  Beta #2 148
    A/S 8/20/13 Team Pink
    Induced week 39 due to severe GD
    Baby girl born 1/4/13

           TTC #2 2 failed IUI's moving on to FET 3/2014
    ET 3/25 
    Beta #1 127
    Beta #2 845
    U/s 4/22 It's TWINS!!
    Team Purple!!

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  • We just figured this is the next step, and we're not ready to stop trying yet.  We have unexplained 2IF.  We have no IF coverage, which sucks, but my parents have said that they will help us if we need them to.  We are so so lucky to have that assistance.  DS is their only grandson and it's likely that neither of my brothers will have children.  My mom has said that they have the money and they want more grandchildren.  That being said, I don't want to waste the money either.  We're on IUI #2 right now, and the RE said 3 IUI cycles and then we'll talk about next steps.  We're not sure which way we'll go at this point.

    Apparently I'm incapable of short answers.  Good luck with your IUI!  Fingers crossed it works right away for you.

    TTC #2 since 1/2012

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    I hope you don't mind me chiming in on this as the decision making process for us was not easy. After conceiving DD after one month, DH and I were pretty certain TTC #2 would be just as easy. After about 8 months of trying, I finally convinced my ob to refer me to an RE, and I received my diagnosis just one month shy of a year ttc. Truthfully, I think we were in denial. We talked at length about what to do and I didn't feel ready to seek treatment. I wanted to take a natural approach -- eliminating preservatives and additives from our diet, acupuncture, yoga, etc. As each month presented another failure, my acupuncturist actually suggested that DH and I sit down and set a timeline of what feels right. DH and I wanted to continue to try conceiving naturally until the start of summer when we would pursue IUI.

    It wasn't easy coming to this decision, first because we are practicing Catholics, and second because we are completely OOP.  We prayed a lot over it and decided together that conceiving a child out of love, no matter how much assistance, still requires a certain miraculous element and that in no way could that be considered sinful. In the months of ttc naturally, we saved money where we could.

    After my first IUI failed, I had a major breakdown and we sat down to discuss what we would do if at the end of our IUI attempts (RE would only do 3). I was on board with IVF next summer and DH was still on the fence. My 2nd IUI was a bfp.

    You'll know in your heart what feels right for you and your family. For a while, seeking assistance did not feel right for me. Many would probably say I should have started treatment earlier,  but truthfully, I felt I needed to go through that journey to get to the point where I was ready. Lots of luck to you as you embark on your next stage!

    (and apologies for the long ass response :) )
    DH & I: 29
    TTC #1 4/2009 -  DD 2/5/10
    TTC #2 since October 2011
    2IF issues
    7/2013 - IUI #1: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFN
    8/2013 - IUI #2: 50 units Follistim +  Ovidrel  = BFP! Beta #1 (12 dpiui) 8/21: 45  Beta #2 (16 dpiui) 8/26: 301 Beta #3 (21 dpiui) 8/30: 1,929. 1st Ultrasound 9/4 - One perfect sac. 2nd Ultrasound 9/13 - Heartbeat at 124 bpm! Anniversary  


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  • The decision was kind of made for us. We had originally planned to stop preventing in March and I made an appointment to have my Mirena removed. At the end of February my DH was diagnosed with cancer and went through chemo. DH stored some sperm and we put TTC on hold until after all the chemo was done. We've done two failed IUI cycles and are on hold until my classes are finished until December. DH has an appointment next month with the oncologist and he's going to ask if there is any reason to prevent a pregnancy so I can at least feel like we're doing something until we can move forward with IVF.

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    December 2013 IVF - Gonal-F, Novarel trigger
    ER: 12/19 9R 8M 6F with ICSI
    ET: 12/24 transferred 1 grade 5AA blast; 2 frozen
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