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Postpartum Depression

trying to deal no Dr no meds

My dd is 8 months now and it took me until last month to admit/realize i have postpartum. I thought it www her being high maintenance and sleepless. It took Cio to get her to be ok with being alone. Which didn't actually help me feel better. Sleeping all night in my own bed is great but I'm still feeling trapped and alone. Not having help is the worst. I went into this thinking I had friends to take her or help but they all either went crazy, live far away now or have turned out to be otherwise inadequate. My SO can help around the house but has a hard time with her crying so I have never been more than 10 minutes alone. We haven't had a night out since before I got pregnant. And the longer we wait the more attached she us to me so now he doesn't want to send her to a sitter because he doesn't want to deal with her being cranky after. I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life and have dealt with it for 12 years with only my SO for support. I am determined to deal with this a well only this time I am more alone than ever. Has anyone done it with no Dr, no meds and no help? Please tell me it's possible.

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  • I really think you will continue to spiral downward unless you see a doctor and a therapist. I stupidly came off all my meds during pregnancy, and was so low that it took seeing a doctor for meds and a therapist to talk to for 6 months before I felt somewhat normal again. Please get outside help. It will only continue to get worse.
  • Why do you prefer to do it on your own?
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  • If you really choose not to use a therapist or meds, I think you should try some Yoga or other physical movement.  Studies have shown if you exercise, which can be a walk around the block, it assists with ppd.  I highly recommend a therapist.  Mine worked wonders and she helped me realize running is my saving grace.  It always has been.  I try to continue with this so I always feel better. 
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  • I did it on my own with my first son and was a complete mess for almost 2 years, After awhile I decided it would be better to see someone, my dr. recommended meds but I chose not to. Now I see a counselor and it's no instant fix but I do feel like I have at least a little more support and even just getting out and talking to someone different once in awhile is nice. I would recommend at the very least talking to someone before things get even worse. 
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  • I needed help. If nothing else, you need to talk to a counselor or doctor. somebody. I tried it all, and in the end I needed prozac and a doctor to talk to.  It helped 100%.
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    I'm going to be really honest here ... That is a stupid decision. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but I really don't think you realize how serious depression is. If you had appendicitis, would you try to deal with it on your own without a doctor? No. depression should not be treated any differently. Please ask a doctor or therapist for help!

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