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so terrible twos are in full effect!

hitting, attitude, food pickyness, soother, potty training, thinking about a big boy bed, adjusting to a little brother, sharing.....etc!!!!!
any ideas?!

first i'd love to hear your successes with getting rid of the soother

also - potty training, DS1 has shown great interest in the potty, he goes on the potty before his nap, after  and before baths - and if i remember during the day i'll periodically just put him on. he gets so excited and loves to flush. the only thing is he doesn't tell me when he's going or anything while he's doing it. i'm wondering if i should just give'r and go full force and stop diapers or just keep gradually going with it?? anyone's LO fully potty trained yet? 

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Re: 2.5.....

  • Liam is pretty much potty trained. We did our own version of the 3 day method. I never bought the book just listened to what most of my friends did. We picked a weekend when SO would be home and stayed in the house for 3 days. He woke up on Saturday morning and I told him he would be wearing big boy undies from now on. He does wear a pull up for nap time and a real diaper for bed time.

    The first day you pretty much sit there and watch them pee all over themselves and find out what their I have to pee sign is. When they pee on themselves you take them to the toilet and tell them pee pee goes in the toilet (same for poop). If they pee in the toilet you give them a reward (ours was an M&M). The first day was not that bad for us. He did pretty well.

    Day two was awful. Liam did not want to sit on the potty at all. He held it in for about 2 1/2 hours. We finally forced him to sit on the potty and the poor boy was in tears, but he finally peed. Day 2 was filled with frustration and lots of dirty underwear. I really thought we would have to stop.

    Day three he woke up a changed toddler. He started to tell me he had to pee. On the third day he even told me he had to poop. This was his first successful poop (he gets a hot wheel car for pooping on the toilet). I swear it was like a lightbulb just clicked in his head. The rest of the week we did everything we would normally do.

    He is pretty much completely pee trained and he has improved so much in the pooping department. That is a little harder. The last 3 days he has been in the same underwear from morning to night! It was tough 3 days, but I think it was worth it in the end! By the way, we started 2 weeks ago ;)
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  • Go Liam!  That is awesome!  We're not there for Chase yet.  I just don't feel like he's ready yet, but he's getting closer.  We have taken the first step though, we bought him underwear.
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  • I had the underwear forever! I finally just bit the bullet when he kept telling me he had pooped :)
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  • DS has spent most of the past couple days in 'big boy underpants' just like papas!! lol that's what my mom says to him and because DS is so obsessed with papa he loves the novelty of being just like him! too cute!

    he's had one accident. he pooped yesterday in them and they were kibbles so dropped in a trail all over the floor! haha so funny (and gross) but there were poop kibbles everywhere 

    he loves peeing on the little potty  - i'm nervous about the first time we're in a store and he has to go on the gross public ones!!!
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  • That's awesome about Liam. Andrew is still not potty trained and still showing not much interest. I bought the big boy underpants and keep showing them to him and telling him he doesn't get to wear them until he will go on the potty, but still no interest. I feel like we shouldn't push it right now since we just rocked his whole world with the new baby.
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  • I have not idea how to quote anymore, but 2u2wow the first time I went to a store I put Liam in his real underwear with a pull up over them. This was just in case he had an accident so it would not go everywhere. 

    Kestock120, congratulations on your new little guy! He is adorable :) Andrew will let you know when he is ready! I love the picture with Elliot sticking his little tongue out! 
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  • good idea! about the pullups over the underwear...i'll try that when the time comes!
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  • PT has been touch and go here.  My older DDs were so easy.  Olivia how ever has a few days where she has no accidents then bam wet and poo accidents.  It will happen.

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  • We're watching Elmo's Potty Time fifty million times a day. That's about the extent of potty training here, but I'm getting the harmonies down on "Accidents Happen" and "You'll Use the Potty."

    Here's the full episode of Bear in the Big Blue House on potty training:


    I'm so excited to be going back to work at the end of this week. I never thought I would have TWO potty training videos memorized.
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  • Caelyn is fully PT now, we did the 3 day method with great success in April. She was nekkid for 3 days which made it easier to catch her midstream so she could make the connection that the potty was where all of her pee should go, not just some of it. No undies for a few months, she just went commando as 1 layer of clothing to pull down is much easier to manage when you have very little time. She was in diapers for night time up until a few weeks ago when she just one day informed us she didn't want to wear a diaper and she would just hold her pee all night. It has been 2 weeks now with not a single pee accident so yeah!! While we have had great success with PT we are having a bitch of a time getting her to go to sleep lately. She hasn't slept in her room in weeks, and we are pretty sure she is having night terrors. Hopefully they don't last long and we can get this kid back in her room and off sleeping on the couch. So yeah, 2.5 isn't so much fun ATM.
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  • DS trained at 20 months, but we EC'd, so I'm not much use in regard to conventional methods. As far as sharing is concerned, my niece is allowed to put away a toy if she's having trouble sharing it. She takes it to the guest bedroom closet for a while. At night, my sister brings them all back out to try again the next day. There is some sort of limit to how many toys can be put away at any given time. Seems to have really helped.

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