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Postpartum Depression

Do I have PPD?

I don't know if I'm depressed but I hate my whole situation right now. With our 2 month old, I feel like I'm in baby prison. I love her and would never hurt her, but I hate spending 24 hours a day attending to her needs. She is a high needs baby and cries if she is put down or left alone doing anything for more than 5 minutes... . She cries in the car so we dont go anywhere. Except the swing, that is my only relief. DH is helpful and takes care of cleaning and stuff around the house but really doesn't get how hard it is or that even when he is home on weekends I wish he would take over for a day but he always has other stuff to do around the house. I start work in a few weeks (working from home) and DH was supposed to decide if he was quitting his job to take care of LO and start a home business or find us a nanny and he couldn't make up his mind and now it's too late to find one so he is quitting which I don't think is a good idea any more. We are not getting along lately because he just doesn't sympathize when I say how hard things are... He just says " it could be worse.. be happy." Just not sure how to feel better about things.
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Re: Do I have PPD?

  • Hugs. It's hard.
    I'm in no position to diagnose, but it might help to talk to someone regardless if it's PPD or not. I found a counselor who had worked with kids and had her own, and just venting when I feel overwhelmed has helped.
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